The Best Summer Jobs in Alaska for Students

Visiting Alaska for the first time is a powerful experience at any age. When you’re young, it’s transformative. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing this summer, a seasonal job in Alaska could be the perfect opportunity to earn money, travel, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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  • What kinds of jobs are available? Hundreds! Because tourism in Alaska increases dramatically during the summer, there are many new positions opening up. These jobs are perfect for young students who want to gain real-world experience and enjoy the freedom of the wild north. Here are a few of the positions young workers rave about year after year:


    If you love the open road and you know how to work a crowd, you’re perfect for the role of Driver and Guide.

    The driver-guide role requires an outgoing personality and a solid driving record. You’ll be piloting a motorcoach, bus, or small shuttle to various guest destinations. You’ll also act as a resource for new visitors to Alaska. While driving, you’ll tell guests about the natural and cultural history of the surrounding areas. Point out flora, fauna, and the landscape. Describe opportunities for sea kayaking or hiking, or point out your favorite restaurant. They say the best way to learn something is to teach it. We say the fastest way to fall in love with Alaska is to show it to someone else!

    Here’s what Celeste, a long-time Alaska Tour Jobs employee, had to say about her experience in Ketchikan as a driver and guide:

    “My first year as a Driver/Guide was nothing short of awesome! It was different adventures everyday…. I met people from all over the world and had the satisfaction of knowing I had made a positive impact on their vacation. When September came, I did not want the season to end as my time with the company had become one of the most rewarding jobs I had ever had.”

    Train and Railway Jobs

    Trains have been a crucial part of the Alaskan infrastructure since it was an untamed territory. Become a part of Alaskan history with a job on board one of our spectacular tour trains!

    You’ll spend your days winding through the Alaskan mountains on board our glass-domed rail cars. This is the best job for seeing everything Alaska has to offer. If the thought of staying in one town makes you restless, climb aboard! Our train operations are based in Anchorage, but wind through Seward, Fairbanks, and miles of surrounding landscape.

    There are all kinds of positions available on our railways. You can be a tour guide, bartender, steward, maintenance assistant, cook, and so much more. Find the right job for your skill set and interests. The only requirement? Must love trains.

    Barista and Clerk

    Working as a barista has plenty of advantages—not least of all free coffee! This job is perfect for a cheerful, curious extrovert who loves meeting new people. As a barista, you’ll see the same folks morning after morning. You’ll get to learn a lot more than just their drink orders. You’ll share stories and make new friends every day. This job also wraps up early, leaving your nights and evenings free for adventure.

    Customers won’t be the only new friends you’ll make. As a barista with Alaska Tour Jobs, you’ll have plenty of time to meet other lodge or chalet employees. Enjoy the nearby national parks with your new community. Working on a service team in Alaska is the perfect opportunity to find other like-minded young people. We hope our artisanal coffee gives you all the energy you need to brave new trails.

    Cruisetour Specialist

    One of the most exciting opportunities in Alaska is the Cruisetour Specialist post. What makes this role great? It’s on a boat! You’ll travel the Alaskan waters onboard one of the cruise ships in the Holland America fleet. You’ll give presentations to travelers about what they can expect from their time ashore. You’ll also hold office hours on board the ship, during which you’ll help answer any questions guests may have about their journey.

    Here’s what Jason, a Cruise Experience Supervisor, has to say about his entry into the cruise industry:

    “’Cruising? Isn’t that for old people?’ You don’t know how many times over the years I have heard this statement, and it always makes me laugh to myself. But, before I became involved in this part of the travel industry, I admit that I thought the same thing to myself. I never believed that I would ever find myself on board one of these luxurious ships, sipping cocktails by the pool or surfing the buffet lines with the best of them….

    “One thing I always remember about my first day was the feeling of family around the pier. Sure, it was just a little weekend job, but these people were genuinely interested in your wellbeing and ability to perform your job function to the top of your ability. I had inadvertently been adopted by the Princess family, and it was an awesome feeling.”

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