Copper River Day Off Guide

Past summer employees are here to help you make the most out of your next day off

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  • Make Friends On Your Day Off

    The Common Area: Chill out in the common area and TV room. Watch a movie, check your emails, and update your Facebook status about your amazing summer in Alaska.
    Poker in the Rec Tent: Want to engage in a little friendly competition with your co-workers? Head to the rec tent where the ping-pong and poker games go on until sundown.
    Bonfire at The Point: Located about ½-mile from the lodge, on a bluff overlooking the Klutina River, The Point is the place where Copper River Princess Lodges employees meet and have campfires (when it’s not too dry). Bring the s’mores and you’ll make friends in no time.
    The Whistle Stop Bar and Grill: A red lodge atop a bluff in a spruce forest, overlooking the Copper and Klutina Rivers, the Whistle Stop Bar and Grill is a hot spot where Princess pals meet to share their latest adventures over food and drinks. On your next day off, wet your whistle at the Whistle Stop!
    “In Town” Princess employees often venture into town on their days off. McCarthy and Kennicott are both nearby and great places to spend a day or camp overnight. Definitely take a tour of the old mill.

  • Rafting

    Take a cue from Tom Sawyer – on your next day off, go rafting!
    Many Copper River Princess Employees enjoy rafting the Klutina. It’s the fourth-fastest river in North America with class III and class IV rapids and moves at a heart-pounding pace the whole time.

  • On a day off from your Alaska job, add this to your “to-do” list: sea kayaking. Copper River Princess folk like to head out on their days off to paddle the Prince William Sound. There’s nothing average about this kayaking — an abundance of wildlife, breathtaking views, and towering icebergs make it one of the best places to kayak in Alaska.
    “I’ve only gone rafting once on the Klutina but that would have to be my favorite rafting experience.” -Megan

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    They’re everywhere in Alaska! During your summer at Copper River, keep a “life list” (a bucket-list for wild animal spotting). On your days off, bring your camera and binoculars; you never know what you might see!
    True Tails
    “I saw a baby fox at Copper Center near church and an adult fox while I was walking up the hill back to Copper River Princess Lodge”

    “Baby bear, while driving to Valdez; eagles while fishing; caribou while driving to Anchorage”

    “I have yet to see a moose or bear, but I’ve seen signs of them on the trails”

    “I’ve seen two brown bears while rafting”

  • Strolling Through Alaska

    When the sun is shining, the last thing you want to do is spend your day off indoors. Trails upon trails twist through the Copper River Valley. Put on your hiking shoes and head outside.
    Klutina Trail Near the Point: The Klutina is accessible by hiking a dicey trail near The Point. Be warned: it’s a long trail. Take lessons from a mountain goat before you set out.
    Berry Picking: Berry picking is BYOB, so bring your own bucket! In mid-September, blueberries and cranberries dot the scenic Copper River Valley. Look around you; you’ll find cranberry patches on Copper River Princess property.

  • Best Places for Kicking Back and Winding Down

    Best Places ‘Round Town
    The Copper Rail Depot: Best place to let loose, listen to the juke box, and play pool
    The Freeze: Best place for yummy drinks and refreshments
    Glennallen: Best place to stock up on supplies
    Winding Down Suggestions
    Reflect on the summer’s happenings at The Bluff
    Wind down with a leisurely stroll through the North 40 Loop
    Enjoy some R&R in your own room at Princess Wilderness Lodge

  • Thanks for the Memories

    We polled past and current summer employees for their favorite memories to inspire you to get up, get out, and make your own. Most of these employees couldn’t pick just one favorite!

    “I would have to split it between two: Traveling to and from McCarthy and Kennicott, and the time spent touring the old mill building, hiking around, finding tiny pieces of copper, running a ½ marathon, and camping. And traveling to and from Valdez and Prince William Sound, and boating, hiking, and kayaking around glaciers and ice fields.” – Benjamin

    “Camping at the 26 mile of Klutina Lake Road”

    “This season, I enjoyed the Kennicott trip and Glacier Cruise in Valdez”

    “Sea kayaking in Valdez” -Emily