How to Find Summer Work in Alaska

Thinking about getting a job in Alaska? Now’s the time to start planning your summer adventure. Here’s how to figure out what to do, where you can do it, and how long you want to work.

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  • Find your dream job location

    Do you want to be in a bigger city like Anchorage or Fairbanks or a smaller town like Skagway or Trapper Creek? Remember, even if you decide to work in a city, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to experience the great outdoors. All of Alaska’s cities have incredible access to nature and outdoor adventure. And often tourism jobs take place in those beautiful locations.

    Once you’ve decided whether you’d like to be near a bigger city or farther away, think about whether you’d like to be near the ocean. One awesome thing about Alaska is that living on the coast doesn’t mean you’ll be far from the mountains—you can have both. But if you’re going to Alaska with a strong desire to live near the water, a job at Denali or in Fairbanks won’t do you much good.

    Another consideration is whether or not you’ll have a car. Working in a more remote environment without your own vehicle can leave you limited to the property, or dependent on scheduled transportation. Keep this in mind as you apply and make plans.

  • Narrow down by job category

    One of the beauties of working in Alaska is that there are numerous ways to do it. You don’t always have to get special training—you can often get a job doing exactly what you were previously doing back home. Or, you can turn over a new leaf and try for an entry-level position so you’ll get a fresh start and a new adventure.

    Alaska Tour Jobs offers six different categories:

    • Administration
    • Food & Beverage
    • Guest Services
    • Maintenance
    • Rooms Division
    • Transportation

    If your background is in office work, you might try administration. If you’ve worked in customer service, check out guest services. If you’re a bus driver, start with transportation. Within each category you’ll find an array of jobs at all levels, from management down to positions that require little or no experience. If you don’t see a job open in your field at the location you really want, you can always sign up to receive job notifications. That way, if a job you’re qualified for opens up at your desired location, you’ll be the first to find out.

  • Decide whether you want to go seasonal

    How much time do you want to spend in Alaska? Are you working for a summer between school semesters? Wanting to take a full year away from the lower 48 to experience both winter and summer in Alaska? Or are you looking to start fresh and build a life in a new location? Both seasonal jobs and year-round jobs are available in almost all the different locations. Each job specifies whether it’s seasonal or long-term. Summer jobs usually begin in early May and run through the end of September. The good news is, even if you start in a seasonal position, you can always apply for a year-round gig after if you fall in love with Alaska and want to stay.

  • Begin the application process

    Once you’ve narrowed down where you’d like to work and what type of work you’re be qualified for, you can apply to specific positions. The Alaska Tour Jobs website lists job duties and requirements for each one, so you’ll know exactly what will be expected. Each one is different, and the work environments are unique. Next is a six-step online application. You can apply for different jobs at different locations if you want to increase your odds of getting hired.