Why a Summer Tour Job in Alaska is Better than Summer Camp

How about a quick recipe for the ultimate summer? Take a run of the mill summer camp.  Place it in the ultimate frontier that is Alaska.  Add into the mix a few spices like: an unbridled natural playground, amazing people, an unmatched sense of flexibility and freedom, and one heck of a learning opportunity.  Let’s also throw into the pot that you can get paid for all of this.

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  • We’re no longer dealing with a summer camp.  We’re now dealing with an ultimate summer adventure.  We have in our sites a summer tour job in Alaska.  Run the numbers if you dare; but, you’ll likely find that a summer tour job in Alaska greatly outweighs the benefits of even the greatest summer camp around.  Let’s take a quick look at five reasons why a summer tour job in Alaska is better than summer camp.

  • 1. An Unbridled Natural Playground

    Of course, summer camps have their fair share of activities.  But, do these activities include: unparalleled camping, excellent hiking, phenomenal fishing, amazing wildlife viewing, and heart racing river rafting?  Maybe the best camp can offer one or two of these activities.  However, a tour job in Alaska means free time gets spent enjoying all of them, plus more.  Alaska symbolizes one of the last unbridled natural playgrounds in all of the United States.  Choose a summer tour job and it’s yours for the taking.

  • 2. Amazing People

    If you’re considering a summer tour job in Alaska, odds are you’re an adventurist and a free-thinker.  You also probably like new opportunities and challenges.  Well, you’re not alone.  A summer tour job in Alaska translates into one heck of an opportunity to meet, and form lasting connections with, amazing co-workers, customers and true Alaskans…all real people that are a lot like you.

  • 3. Unmatched Flexibility and Freedom

    A summer camp means, well, you’re a camper.  A tour job in Alaska means you can work in a variety of different fields, from menial labor positions to outdoor adventure enthusiast roles.  A summer tour job in Alaska essentially means you’re free to take on almost any title you want.

  • 4. A Unique Learning Opportunity

    Traveling to Alaska is an opportunity for a person to engage in countless discoveries.  This includes discovering more about one’s self.  A summer tour job provides a unique opportunity for a person to take on new challenges and to face new situations.  The result is an educational experience on personal character and inner strength.

  • 5.  Money in Your Pocket

    A summer camp costs money.  A summer tour job in Alaska pays money.  Granted, there is the cost of living in Alaska while you work.  But, keep in mind that most Alaskan employers include room and board in their employment packages.  Plus, many summer tour jobs not only pay an hourly wage, but they offer the chance to earn tips as well.  All of this means a great way to put money in your pocket, while having some fun!

  • Of course, summer camps can be entertaining.  But, why settle for just entertaining when you can opt for astounding?  Be bold and daring next summer and choose a summer tour job in Alaska for an ultimate summer adventure.