Dawson City Westmark

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Community Information:

Small historic turn of the century gold rush era town. Take a step back in Gold Rush History where history comes alive.

Housing Options:

Rent in the community, hostel, bunkhouse – very hard to come by. Our employee housing is the best bet.

Why work at Dawson?

The heart of the Klondike and the best place to be in the Yukon. Fresh air, a beautiful small community nestled in between the Klondike River and the Yukon River, the land of the Midnight where the sun never sets, great hiking, fishing, golf, casino, history. Swimming pool, baseball, lively and fun.

Transportation Options:

Air, own vehicle, we provide coach transfer from Whitehorse to Dawson at beginning of season only.

Start your Yukon Adventure with us! A summer you won’t soon forget.

Number of Employees: 100

Housing Type: Employee housing available; shared and single accommodation 56 beds total

Typical Season Dates: Mid-May to mid-September

Types of Jobs:

  • Administration
  • Food and Beverage
  • Maintenance
  • Rooms Division