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Fairbanks Jobs In Guest Services & Transportation

Fairbanks, the “Golden Heart City,” is the largest city in Alaska’s Interior. Supporting 80,000 residents, it offers all of the amenities of a mid-sized city with quick and easy access to Alaska’s magnificent wilderness. Fairbanks was established during Alaska’s Gold Rush. The sparkle of that “golden” heritage in the land of the midnight sun draws thousands of visitors to the city each year. The University of Alaska’s Museum of the North is home to some of the finest displays detailing Alaska’s rich natural and human history. Muskoxen, caribou and reindeer roam the hills of the Large Animal Research Station. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is a draw for visitors who marvel at this engineering wonder that transports Alaska’s “black gold”. From Fairbanks, it is just a short step out your door to limitless hiking, fishing, boating and other outdoor opportunities.
For more information about the Fairbanks area, we recommend visiting these sites: http://www.fairbankschamber.org/ and http://www.explorefairbanks.com/


Alaska Tour Division – Fairbanks Jobs
Fairbanks offers amenities and adventure in a style that is truly authentic Alaska. At a latitude of 64?, Fairbanks is located in the heart of Alaska and provides some amazing avenues for satisfying the heart’s desire. Drive a simple 120 miles north of Fairbanks to reach the Arctic Circle or drive 120 miles south to reach Denali (also known as Mt. McKinley), the tallest peak of the Americas. If you choose to stay in the city limits expect to be energized by all that the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ has to offer. This ranges from award winning exhibits on Alaska’s culture and history to experiencing tours as varied as your energy and interests allow. Fairbanks offers the city, the outdoors, and the gateway to an authentic Alaskan adventure.

Housing Options

Fairbanks Transportation Division does not provide any housing for its employees, however we do help facilitate the process to secure housing. Many apartments are available and affordable, with rent starting at $500 for room shares and $750 per month for one bedroom apartments (utilities included). Prices vary depending on your necessities and location. Check the classifieds in the newsminer.com for local listings. Public transportation is available throughout the city. The Fairbanks office is located at 3401 Lathrop Street at the south/east end of town, about 2 miles from the downtown area. The Fairbanks office is about 5 miles from the largest shopping area including a small mall, department store, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Old Navy, Home Depot and several other large commercial stores. A bicycle is a great solution for local transportation due to the close proximity of many amenities.
Why Work for Fairbanks Transportation Division?
Upon successful completion of the terms of the employment agreement, an attractive discounted travel program may be available including cruises with Princess and Holland America Line. Employees also receive a seasonal completion bonus, discounts on optional tours, and the chance to experience Alaska’s unique Interior.
Earn College Credit

Visit UAF Summer Sessions to learn more. For a course description, see ABUS 267 in the UAF Course Catalog.

Employees who are enrolled in Holland America-Princess’ Commercial Driver Training Program in Alaska and out of state can register with the University of Alaska Summer Sessions program to receive 3 credits for ABUS 267, Transportation and Logistics management, a course in the Applied Business Department from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This is the first tour company in Alaska where students can earn university credits by completing the commercial driver training program. The credits are fully transferable. Contact your hiring manager for registration information.
The Fairbanks Day Off Guide has more great recreation ideas!


If needed, air transportation arrangements to Fairbanks may be arranged through Holland America-Princess. The company offers a repayment program that will allow you to repay the cost of your ticket with your earned wages, once on site. Once in Fairbanks your will be responsible for your own transportation. Due to the nature of the employment agreement this does not apply to employees who are hired under the J1 visa program.

  • Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Number of Employees:  Approximately 175 employees
  • Housing Type:  Employees must provide own housing.
  • Typical Season: May 1 through September 25
  • Types of Jobs
    • CDL Drivers
    • Motorcoach
    • Luggage Truck
    • Guest Service Hosts
    • Office/Administrative/Accounting positions
    • Luggage Crew
    • Fleet Detail Crew
    • Transportation/Guest Service Supervisors
    • Seasonal Mechanics