Welcome to Princess Cruises and Tours.  We hope your experience with us will be a pleasant and rewarding one.  The information in this booklet is intended to give you a broad overview of the types of things you might like to know before you start your Alaska summer job.  More detailed and specific policies and procedures will be provided upon hire and upon arrival in Alaska.

You have become part of a dynamic Company offering luxury cruises throughout the world, and spectacular cruisetours in Alaska including accommodations in the Princess Wilderness Lodges.  We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to our customers and to providing warm professional service.


We Serve.

In every role, we are consummate hosts.  Onboard and on shore, we demonstrate this by being warm and welcoming, respectful and efficient, gracious and polite.  By embracing the ideals of the C.R.U.I.S.E program – paying close attention to our customers’ needs and desires and treating them and each other as we would wish to be treated – we’re inspired to make each interaction with Princess ideal.

We respect our team.

The creativity, commitment and teamwork of Princess people drives our success; we value each employee’s contribution.  We hire employees who share our values; we invest in their development and respect, and recognize their accomplishment.  We are strongest when we work together; we build teams that draw on their different experiences, talents, and perspectives to produce better ideas for our business and our customers.

We innovate.

Princess is a strong but quiet innovator.  We listen and analyze, we create and evolve in ways that are meaningful and relevant to our passengers, travel agents, and employees.  Our innovations are not gimmicks, nor bold claims without substance.  We are always thinking of and moving forward with new ways to satisfy and delight our customers.

We are steady.

Our customers can depend on Princess.  Whether cruising with us or working with us, people know what to expect, because we deliver consistently every time.  Every ship in our fleet is designed with a familiar, comfortable elegance that “welcomes people home.”  We are a more predictable business partner because our policies are fair and consistent.

We are accountable.

Princess is, first and foremost, a business that must be profitable to fund our future innovation and success.  We have been entrusted with extensive resources to manage and grow our company.  Each of us shares a duty to use those resources wisely.  Results, both financial and non financial, are important to all of us.  We each take ownership of our responsibilities and our performance.

We do it right.

We do not compromise on things that matter.  The safety and security of our passengers and employees is our most important responsibility.  Our reputation for integrity, fairness, and professionalism is our greatest asset; we adhere to the highest ethical standards.  We respect the communities in which we work and visit.  We create and commit the necessary resources that demonstrate to our passengers that they can trust Princess to care for them.


Princess Cruises began in 1965 with one ship cruising to Mexico and was purchased by P&O (Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company) in 1974.  Princess has evolved into one of the leaders in the cruise industry, with ships cruising around the globe.

In the year 2000, the company emerged from P&O, forming a cruise company named P&O Princess.  P&O Princess is a publicly-held company (sold as ticker symbol “POP”) comprised of different cruise divisions such as P&O Australia, P&O Great Britain, Princess Cruises, and Aida Cruise Lines.  The previous “mother company” of P&O still exists, with its diverse holdings.

In 2003, P&O Princess Cruises became part of Carnival Corporation and plc.  Carnival, which began operation in 1972 with one ship, has grown to become the largest cruise lines in the world. Today, the Princess fleet includes 17 ships ranging from some of the largest afloat to smaller boutique vessels.

Princess is also home to five beautiful Alaska wilderness lodges.  In the summer months, Princess Cruises has a major presence in Alaska with its Princess and Holland America Tours division and is the largest cruisetour operator in Alaska.  Princess Tours was created in 1971 as an Alaska wholesale cruisetour operator.

Royal Hyway Tours, in partnership with Princess Tours, was formed in 1984 as Alaska’s new motorcoach company serving Princess guests and became solely owned by Princess in 1986 enhancing the services to include deluxe motorcoach tours for Alaska highway and local city operations.

In 1986, Princess purchased Tour Alaska, the company that introduced the first domed rail cars in Alaska.  This allowed Princess to further develop the corridor between Anchorage, Denali National Park and Fairbanks.

In 1987, the company’s first hotel, Harper Lodge (renamed Denali Princess Lodge in 1993) opened with 154 rooms.  With this addition a third operating company was created and named Alaska Hotel Properties.  The Kenai Princess Lodge in Cooper Landing opened in 1990 and the Fairbanks Princess Hotel opened in 1993. Renovations have led to a different look and a new name in Fairbanks, changing to the Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge in 2002.  In 1997, Princess opened the 162-room Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge, which expanded in 2003 to a total of 334 rooms. Expansions have brought the number of rooms in Denali and Kenai up to 656 and 86 respectively.  In 2002, Princess added the Copper River Princess Lodge, located in the Copper Center vicinity of Alaska, overlooking the Copper River.

Princess Wilderness Lodges are now renamed In order to emphasize the spectacular settings of the remote locations.  The lodges are now known as Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, Fairbanks Princess Wilderness Lodge, Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge, and Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge and Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge.

 Princess Cruises Fleet

The following ships currently make up the magnificent Princess Cruises Fleet:

Ship Number of Passengers
Ruby Princess 3118
Emerald Princess 3118
Caribbean Princess 3110
Crown Princess 3080
Sapphire Princess 2670
Diamond Princess 2670
Star Princess 2600
Grand Princess 2600
Coral Princess 1970
Island Princess 1970
Dawn Princess 1950
Sea Princess 1950
Sun Princess 1950
Regal Princess 1590
Royal Princess 670
Pacific Princess 670
Tahitian Princess 670



Princess Cruises and Tours is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the cruise line industry.  As part of this commitment, the company has established the Courtesy, Respect, Unfailing in Service, Excellence (C.R.U.I.S.E) program to recognize, educate, involve and reward employees who actively demonstrate support to this commitment.

Cornerstone Statement:  At one point in every day, one of our customers will come into contact with one of us, the Princess employee, and at that moment in time, we will be Princess.  Our entire reputation as a company will be in our hands, and we will make an impression.  We want to ensure that the impression we make is extremely positive in every way.



Work Schedules

Hours of work are scheduled in accordance with the business demand.  Please keep in mind we are a recreational and tourist resort, and employees must remain flexible in order to satisfy the needs of individual guests as well as large groups who are on tight schedules.  Employees may be asked to work overtime, and split shifts may be required in some departments.  Specific requests for days or time off must be approved in advance by your immediate supervisor.  We require you to work in accordance with our scheduling requirements.

Attendance and Punctuality

Employees are expected to report to work on time, as scheduled, and to be regular in attendance.  If you are unable to report for work due to illness or accident, you must notify your supervisor as early as possible.

Non Smoking Facilities

Smoking is not allowed inside any building on the Princess properties.  Outdoor smoking areas are provided.  Smoking is not allowed within view of guests while you are in uniform or on duty.  The same rules apply for smokeless tobacco.

Drugs and Alcohol

The use and/or possession of illegal or illegally obtained drugs is strictly prohibited on company property and is cause for immediate dismissal.  Alcohol is permitted in employee rooms only if both roommates are over the age of 21.  No open containers of alcohol are permitted in public areas (including employee housing hallways and corridors).  Please see the Seasonal Employee Handbook for specific information.

State Wage Laws

The Princess Wilderness Lodges operate in accordance with federal and Alaska wage and hour laws.  Alaska provides overtime payment for hours worked in excess of 8 hours in one day or 40 hours in one week (not compounded).  Overtime is paid at 1 1/2 times your regular hourly rate.

Payroll Periods

Payroll periods are two weeks in duration, beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday.  Paychecks will be issued on the 2nd Monday following the end of the payroll period (8 days after the period end date).  Checks may be released only to the individual whose name appears on the check.  Your check can be picked up from your manager.  You must sign a payroll check distribution form when you receive your check.

Tip Reporting

For employees who receive more than $20 in tips per month, the IRS requires that all tips are reported and that taxes are paid on them.  The lodges will report as income a percentage of gross sales to the IRS as income in accordance with federal law.

Automatic Deposit of Paychecks

Due to the remoteness of the lodges and the inconsistency of mail service to remote Alaska, it is strongly recommended that you have your checks electronically deposited into your bank account.   The lodges are not able to cash paychecks for employees.

Time Cards and Time Clocks

All hourly employees will be issued time cards. You will clock in at your department’s designated time clock when reporting for each shift. You will also need to clock in and out for meal breaks and at the end of your shift.


Most positions require employees to wear uniforms. Both the employee and the hotel will provide components of the uniforms.  It is the employee’s responsibility to know what the proper uniform includes for his or her position.

All employees, whether on or off duty, are expected to dress appropriately when in guest areas.  While in the lodges or other public areas, employees are required to wear shoes, shirts (tucked in) and pants.  Sweats are not acceptable.

You are expected to maintain appropriate standards of grooming, personal hygiene and attire at all times during work hours and while on lodge property.  Our uniforms are selected in keeping with the overall company image and professional standards.  Uniforms must be worn properly when arriving to the work place for each shift.  Uniforms may not be worn in the lodge area when off duty.

Basic grooming and appearance guidelines:

  • Clothing must be clean, in good condition, pressed and odor free.
  • Shoes must be appropriate, shined and in good repair.
  • Nylons must be worn with skirts; socks must be worn with pants.
  • Skirts must be no more than two inches above the knee.
  • Maintain good posture while on duty, including not standing with your hands in your pockets.
  • Keep fingernails clean and well manicured.
  • Earrings are to be no longer than a one inch dangle and may be worn by women only.   Earrings are permitted in the ear lobe only.
  • Men may not wear earrings while on duty.
  • Facial or tongue jewelry or piercings is not permitted.
  • Minimal jewelry of a conservative style may be worn (no rope jewelry, ear spacers, etc).
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.  (If employee has one, it must be covered while on shift).
  • Hair must be kept neat, well groomed and styled appropriately for business.
  • No extreme hair colors or styles are permitted (i.e. no dreadlocks or mohawks).
  • Men’s hair length will be above the collar (it will not be acceptable to tuck under a hat).
  • Men’s sideburns must be conservative in style, not to extend below the ear lobe.
  • Men may have neatly maintained facial hair in seasonal positions if they arrive with it.  It cannot be grown during the season.  Men in full-time positions may have neatly maintained facial hair if they have it at time of hire. (Exception for both seasonal and full-time noted in bullet point below). Mustaches must be conservative in style and not exceed the corners of the lips.
  • Beards/goatees are not permitted for food preparation positions within Food & Beverage (defined as: chef/sous, cooks, dishwasher, server, bartender, busser, barista).
  • Always wear your name tag and C.R.U.I.S.E. pin while on duty (exceptions noted by management).
  • Always wear a smile!


Princess employees work very hard to help maintain the pristine wilderness in which we work and live.  Please follow all recycling programs, keep litter picked up, practice environmentally-sound camping and hiking procedures, respect wildlife and regulations designed to protect it, and help in any way possible to create and sustain environmental awareness.


General Use

Employees are welcome to patronize the lodge facilities such as the gift shops, restaurants, bars and espresso bars, when not on duty.  Employees should not use hotel facilities during busy guest times.  Some lodge facilities such as hot tubs may have set hours when employees may or may not use them.  Employees may not be in uniform when using the lodge facilities outside of work, but are asked to dress according to the general guest attire.  Employees will receive a discount on food in the dining venues.

Bars and Lounges

Employees 21 years of age and over are allowed in the lodge bars and lounges.  Some restrictions apply as to seating and times of use.  No employee discounts are given in any of the bars and lounges.

Participating in Optional Tours

Some of the Optional Tours offered to our guests may be available to employees at reduced rates.  The space is usually limited and often only offered for a limited time.  If you are interested in going on an optional tour, please contact the staff at the Tour Desk when they are not busy with guests.

Princess Wilderness Lodges – Employees may request rooms on a space available basis at any of the Princess Wilderness Lodges for a reduced rate. Please note that space is extremely limited depending on the lodge and requested date(s).

Train – Employees may ride the Midnight Sun Express railcars between Denali and either Anchorage or Fairbanks on a space available basis at no charge.  Motorcoach transportation is also available with cruisetour passengers between the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge and Talkeetna (Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge). Proper attire is required on the train and motorcoach (no shorts, t-shirts, jeans) and is strictly enforced.



Princess is pleased to offer seasonal employees the opportunity to cruise to a variety of exciting destinations on our amenity-filled Princess ships.  This is a very special privilege not found in other industries.

Under the Employee Space Available Program, eligible employees are afforded the chance to travel at a reduced rate for an inside cabin on a space-available basis.  Cabin upgrades may be available for an additional fee.  To be eligible for this program, employees must complete two consecutive seasonal contracts, working a minimum of 600 hours total.  With every consecutive season worked, you gain higher seasonal seniority, which means a greater chance of being confirmed on your selected cruise!

The Friends and Family Program offers select cruises for Princess seasonal employees at discounted rates not available to the general public.  You are eligible for this program after one seasonal contract and remain eligible until one year from the date your seasonal employment ends.  You may book as many cruises as you like under this program!

Employees traveling on either program are eligible for onboard Captain’s Circle privileges at the applicable level (depending on how many Princess cruises you have taken in the past), as well as a variety of discounts on items including bar purchases, boutiques purchases, photo purchases, and more.  As a Princess employee, you are also eligible to purchase industry travel protection insurance at a deeply discounted rate.


Where do you want to go?

Princess sails around the world to a variety of exciting destinations.  Below is a quick summary of Princess destinations and the time of year the cruises typically depart.

Alaska May-September
Asia Year-round
Australia & New Zealand Year-round
Canada & New England August-October
Caribbean Year-round
Coastal May, September
Europe March-November
Hawaii, Tahiti & South Pacific Year-round
Mexican Riviera September-May
Panama Canal September-May
South America November-April

Details on the application process for both Employee Space Available and Friends & Family cruises, as well as complete program terms and conditions, will be provided after employment. Employee travel is subject to specific terms and conditions.




  • All uniform components (specific to position)
  • Dress clothes (for dining in restaurants and any train travel)
  • Jacket (all weather)
  • Warm sweater
  • Rain gear
  • Walking shoes or boots
  • Casual clothes (for off hours and recreational activities)


  • Alarm clock
  • All toiletries
  • Towel, wash cloth, hand towel, bath mat
  • Required government documents for I-9 form
  • Prescription medication
  • Cash – There are limited ATM facilities at the lodge locations.   Employees should bring enough cash and/or checks with you to cover sundries and incidental expenses until pay day.


  • Mosquito repellant
  • Stereo, television or DVD player


Mosquitoes are very abundant in central Alaska. Employee rooms have screens over the windows to help keep them out of the room. The screens over the windows are not to be removed.  Odorless mosquito repellant is highly recommended.



Princess offers a Reward for Referral program for employees referring others who are hired to work for the company.  Specific program requirement and eligibility are available in the program details.



Employees are required to pay for their own airfare to Alaska.  Princess, upon request, will make the airfare arrangements and will provide payroll deduction for the employee to repay the cost.