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Seasonal Jobs in Seattle & Summer Work

If you’re looking for a seasonal job or summer work here in Seattle, you’ve come to the right place! To browse available jobs right now, scroll to the bottom and click the big blue “browse” button. – but before you do, check out all the great info here on this page about Seattle culture, things to do, and other great info to make your experience even better. Be sure to check out the resource links under the “what to do” section for even more terrific info on Seattle.
Seattle is a truly unique and exciting city, filled with outdoor markets, huge totem poles, and the scent of freshly-roasted coffee beans. Around every corner, there’s sure to be someone who is strumming a guitar or eating a delicacy that you’ve never even heard of before. The city is alive with energy. It’s the sort of place to find new friends and go on adventures. Your experiences in Seattle will make memories that last a lifetime.
Seattle is home to people from all over the world, providing visitors and new residents unique experiences they won’t find anywhere else.
Music: From Nirvana to Macklemore, Seattle is known as a hub for great music. There are plenty of local bands, concert venues big and small, and award-winning radio stations to keep you in the groove at all times.
Coffee: Though the latte-craze was nationalized through Seattle’s own Starbucks Coffee Co., it’s the local roasters who bring depth to this coffee culture. Enjoy a long conversation and some local art while sipping on your barista’s newest concoction.
Cuisine: Take a walk around Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market and you’ll immediately recognize the city’s passion for fresh, local food with international influences. Whether you’re into raw oysters, grilled salmon or a fresh berry parfait, Seattle has grub that satisfies.
What to do
With old-growth forests, pristine glaciers, dominant mountains, and massive green rivers just minutes away, Seattleites are never bored with their outdoor playground. Locals and visitors alike take advantage of Seattle’s parks and forests to ski, snowboard, sled or snowshoe in the winter, and camp, hike, bike, paddleboard, kayak, and sail in the summer.
If you’re tired of getting rained on or need a break from the action, Seattle has independent movie theaters (and a world famous International Film Festival in May), live theater, ballet, symphony, and other live talent to woo you.
With the sheer variety of things to do and see in Seattle, you may decide to buy a good rain jacket—the locals never use umbrellas— settle in with your cappuccino, and stay forever.
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The Seattle locations of Princess Cruises and Holland America Line offer employment opportunities in the corporate office in downtown Seattle. Join a world-class team in customer service!

Seattle Office

The Seattle corporate office is located in the financial district of downtown Seattle.. We offer entry-level and experienced professionals a fast paced, business-casual work environment with outstanding opportunities for career development. Our office supports the operations of our Seattle, Alaska, and Yukon field staff. To make that happen, we need qualified team members in our many departments and locations. We offer full-time and seasonal career opportunities in the following areas:
Human Resources
Health and Safety
Office Services/Facilities
Product Administration
Purchasing and Design
Inventory and Yield Management