Rail Services

Alaska Railroad & Train Maintenance Positions

Locations & Shop Descriptions

The Rail Division has a year round maintenance facility in Anchorage and a seasonal facility in Fairbanks. The Anchorage shop is the home base for the train cars and where all of the heavy winter maintenance and refurbishment takes place. The facility has a single pull through bay that will accommodate a train car with the doors closed. There is also a smaller general repair shop that is used for component rebuilding once it is removed from the train car. The Fairbanks facility operates from early May through late September and is staffed by two full time mechanics that relocate from Anchorage to Fairbanks for the summer.

Equipment Descriptions

The Rail mechanical Department is responsible for the fleet of Holland America and Princess rail cars, 24 train cars total. The maintenance scope of the train cars is similar to that of any stationary facility but it has the twist of being mobile.The train cars are rolling restaurants equipped with all of the amenities and service appliances you would find at any stationary establishment. Kitchens are equipped with ovens, grilles, stoves and ware washing equipment. Each train car is equipped with approximately 40 tons of air conditioning, lighting systems, low voltage controls and power distribution panels. On the exterior of each car there is a 210 kilowatt generator powered by a Detroit diesel engine, holding tanks and the suspension assemblies.

Division Specific

Mechanics and Mechanics helpers work a four day, ten hour per day work week. During the summer the rail division is a seven day a week operation, days off may or may not fall on weekends. Days off will be the same week to week and all three days off will be sequential.

Seasonal employees are also eligible for a seasonal bonus after successfully completing the summer season.

Upon successful completion of the terms of the employment agreement, an attractive discounted travel program may be available including cruises with Princess Cruises and Holland America Line. Land excursions like river rafting and horseback riding are available at a discounted price.

Division Title

Rail Division Maintenance

Division Location

  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks

Number of Employees

8 Full time mechanics & 7 Seasonal, 13 seasonal cleaners

Housing Type

Self arranged

Typical Season

May – Sept

Types of Jobs

  • Full Time Mechanics
  • Seasonal Mechanic Assistant
  • Outside Cleaners