Since 2003, Princess Tours Lodges, Holland America/Princess-Alaska, and Princess Cruises and Tours have used the services of an outside agency, ADP (Avert), to verify your application. ADP (Avert) follows the guidelines of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to obtain the information. The information is defined in FCRA as a consumer report and includes not just credit reports, but driving records, employment reference checks, and criminal court records.

The law, FCRA, requires employers to have the applicant sign two documents and retain a third indicating that the applicant has been informed of the pre-employment screening and gives permission to order reports. These forms are required of each applicant. The forms are:

Summary of Your Rights – An information sheet that is provided to each applicant, detailing an applicant’s rights and privileges before, during, or after the background verification is completed.

Disclosure to Employment Applicant Regarding Procurement of a Consumer Report – Confirms the applicant has been informed and authorizes Princess or its agent to obtain a consumer report and/or investigative report about the applicant.

Release Authorization – This is the applicant’s authorization to law enforcement agencies, institutions, information service bureaus, schools and past employers or references to furnish information about them to Princess or its agent.

At the end of each form is a button which allows you to print out each page for your records. We recommend that you do so and retain a copy through the application process. Click the link below to begin the verification process. Once completed, you will link directly to our APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT. Thank you for your interest in employment with Princess Tours Lodges, Holland America/Princess-Alaska, and Princess Cruises and Tours.

Summary of Rights