How to Find Affordable Housing in Fairbanks

Working a summer season in Fairbanks is a great way to experience the heart of Alaska and make money at the same time. A wide array of jobs open up in the tourism industry each year, and if you land one you’ll have to arrange a place to live for the season. Here are five easy ideas for finding an affordable place to stay while you’re in Fairbanks.

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  • Check out employee housing.

    Some Alaska tourism employers offer housing for a limited number of employees. If you’d like the camaraderie of living with your coworkers and enjoy the perks of communal living, reach out to your employer. He or she might be able to hook you up with a room in employee housing for a reasonable rate. This will allow you to pack light and be free to think about other things like checking out beautiful Fairbanks.

  • Find a roommate.

    The easiest way to cut the price of rent is to share an apartment or a room. A one-bedroom goes for about $750 a month in Fairbanks, while a room share goes for about $500. Reach out to your employer to help you find a roommate—you might be able to share transportation as well. Check out Craigslist and the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner more options.

  • Go for a furnished room.

    These might not be the cheapest option, but if you consider the price of buying furniture or moving your own, renting a furnished room is pretty appealing. Craigslist advertises these temporary homes for people who still enjoy comfortable furniture and a homey environment.

  • Try a dry cabin.

    Another way Fairbanks residents save money is by living off the grid in dry cabins. A classified ad for a “dry cabin” can indicate that it’s lacking in plumbing, sewage or electricity. Residents rely on things like composting toilets and truck in their own water in exchange for a cheaper, more self-sufficient place to live. If you’ve ever dreamed of a simpler life and wondered what it’s like to live without a few modern amenities, a summer in Alaska might be the perfect time to try it.

  • Search out a sublet.

    Local residents will often sublet their own homes for weeks or months at a time while they leave town. Sometimes that can mean a room in a house or an entire apartment. But it can often be a convenient arrangement for seasonal employees visiting Fairbanks. Craigslist is a good place to look.