Five Romantic Date Ideas in Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is a town of endless opportunities, especially in the summer seasons when sunlight is plentiful. Whether you’re visiting Alaska with your sweetheart or meet someone in town who you’re interested in getting to know, we encourage you to explore the unique romantic activities Alaska has to offer.

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  • Here are our five favorite date night ideas in Anchorage that kindle a sense of deeper connection and awe.

    Kayaking and Hiking in Eklutna Lake

    In the summer months, there is little more relaxing and awe-inspiring than exploring Alaska’s great outdoors. And there are a lot of options near Anchorage to adventure through! Among our favorites is spending a day in a kayak (you can rent a tandem, too) and paddle the day away at the gorgeous Eklutna Lake. The lake sits below the towering Chugach Mountains, which offer some of the best hiking around Anchorage. Together, you can cool off with some splashing and kayak through miles of glassy water. After you’re done kayaking, return the boats and head up one of the dozens of nearby hiking trails to see a dazzling sunset view. What’s more romantic than holding each other close as the sun dips below the horizon of a postcard-worthy landscape? Not much, that’s what.

    One precaution: bears and moose are prevalent in Anchorage and the surrounding wilderness. For your safety, we don’t recommend carrying smelly or large quantities of food with you. Sadly, wilderness picnics aren’t on the list!

    Watch the Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular sights you’ll see in your lifetime. Alaska has plenty of places where you can see the aurora borealis, and in the outskirts of Anchorage is among them. If you discover a wintery day with high solar activity and clear skies, grab your sweetheart and wander to a secluded pullout away from the city lights. We’re big fans of the views at Nancy Lake State Recreation Area and Flattop Overlook. After you arrive, wrap a warm blanket around you both, plop into the snow and watch the sky dance the night away.

    Movies at Bear Tooth Theatre Pub & Grill

    Who says romance has to be adventurous or expensive? Not us. Sometimes the most romantic times are had by simply spending company with someone you love. A fun, cheap date idea in Anchorage that we love is a movie night at Bear Tooth. The indie theatre shows new movies, cult-classics and live musical performances. For movies, tickets are $4 each. Plus, the pub and grill make a delicious (and massive) pizza for roughly $15-25. And if you drink alcohol, Bear Tooth offers a wide selection of microbrews to enjoy alongside your movie.

    Paint Pottery for Each Other

    Who doesn’t like thoughtful handmade gifts? We love them! If you’re considering a more creative date night, look for paint your own pottery workshops. One of the most recommended shops in town is Color Me Mine. At the shop, you pick out a piece of pottery (we recommend a mug or bowl) and paint it however you’d like. But don’t paint your own mug, let your sweetheart do it for you! It’s far more fun and entertaining to try and paint something your better half will love. After you’re done painting, the shop will fire and glaze your pottery. It will be ready for pickup in about a week.

    Cook with Ingredients from the Anchorage Farmers Market

    As a port city, Anchorage becomes the destination for plenty of travelers. Consequently, there are more than 100 languages spoken in Anchorage. All those cultures mean Anchorage has a stellar food scene. Walk around town and you’ll discover a seemingly endless supply of seafood caught the night before or local big game jerky. Among our favorite things to do in Anchorage is explore the dozens of local farmers markets. In the spring, summer, and fall, local farmers bring the farm-to-table experience to neighborhoods all around Anchorage. Make a lovely date night by walking through a Saturday market to snag fresh produce, baked goods, and seafood. Use whatever you find to make a scrumptious meal for the evening. Read our post on the best farmers markets in Anchorage to learn where you should go.

    Working in Alaska will give you countless opportunities to meet people. If you’re here at the right time, maybe you’ll meet a special someone and get to explore the activities on this list. Even if you don’t meet someone for a date, these things are fun to do with coworkers, too! To learn more about how you can experience these moments and create your own Alaska adventure, search our current job openings.