Cameron- Guest Services Manager

Historic Skagway is a quintessential Alaskan town.

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  • It was summer of 2005 and my sister said that I would love it in Alaska and the Yukon. She had been working in Skagway, Alaska for a season and had a great experience with the company. The following season I applied to be a Tour Director, was hired on and had the best experience travelling throughout Alaska and the Yukon. The following year I worked in Denali (2006), Skagway (2007), and Dawson City (2009/2010). The summer season that I remained away from the North was long, and I missed it incredibly and brought myself to visit twice that summer. I came north for an adventure and an adventure is what I was met with, met some new and amazing people and have been friends ever since. I will currently be spending my first winter in Dawson City and change from a Cheechako to a Sourdough and don’t think that I will be returning to the city anytime soon.