5 Reasons Couples Should Have a Summer Job in Alaska

Alaska can be a great place to go on a solo trip, but if you’re in a relationship, why not go with your partner? Here are 5 reasons why landing a summer job in Alaska can be a great experience for both of you!

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  • Similar schedules

    Wherever you and your partner end up working there’s a good chance you’ll have similar work hours. That’s because seasonal jobs tend to follow a certain schedule- morning to afternoon shifts, or afternoon to night shifts. Working complementary hours makes it easier to plan your after-work excursions and long-week trips.

    Beautiful weather

    Daytime temperatures are comfortable and range anywhere from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with cool evenings in the 40s and 50s. Plus, summers give you about 19 hours of daylight, more than enough time for you and your partner to explore some trails after you both get off work. Or strap on a headlamp, and you and your sweetheart can hike at all hours of the day!

    Relationship building

    Test the limits of your outdoor prowess while strengthening your bond with your significant other. Challenge yourselves to explore new hiking trails, experience a sport like mountain biking, and get close and personal with Alaskan wildlife. What’s the old saying? Couples that adventure together stay together!

    Convenient home base

    Alaska is perfectly situated to serve as a launching off point to start activities. Why do you think so many cruise ships take advantage of the Alaska shoreline to ferry thrill seekers across America’s largest state? Request a few days off and plan a weekend getaway with your significant other. Hop on a train, boat, or bus and tour some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet.

    Stay action-ready

    Depending on the jobs you take, you may find yourself doing some heavy lifting. Literally. If your skills allow, jobs like adventure guide or lead explorer are great ways to stay in shape, earn some money, and enjoy a new adventure every day. Action-packed jobs are also a great way to strengthen the bonds between partners, as the high-energy atmosphere requires you both to adapt to survive.

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