6 Best Jobs for Retirees in Alaska

Seasonal work is an excellent way to make money while traveling. From an office position to a more hands-on role such as a Driver-Guide, those entering retirement have a lot of options for part-time, flexible positions. Start a new chapter and enjoy your golden years exploring and working in Alaska!

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  • Payroll or Accounting

    Would you prefer to spend your day off your feet? A straightforward desk job in the payroll department might be the role for you! In this position, you’ll perform a variety of administrative tasks, including processing accounting documents and maintaining accurate records. You’ll likely be busy in the weeks before and after seasons, but a reliable weekly paycheck will make it all worth it.

    Guest Services

    If you’re a people person, you should consider a job in guest services. Depending on the location, you might be checking visitors into their rooms at the lodge, recommending nearby attractions, and answering questions about the area. You’ll get to meet many fascinating people from all around the world and likely hear some stories you can regale to your grandkids.

    Food and Beverage

    Does conversation flow easily for you? Another great job for you if you’re extroverted is working in one of our lodges’ bars or coffee shops. Your primary responsibilities would involve serving drinks and snacks to Alaskan tourists and locals, but you’ll also get to spend time chatting and learning from your customers.

    Driver-Guide or R/V Park Attendant

    Who hasn’t dreamed of life on the road? Turn your retirement into a comfortable seasonal gig as a driving guide or R/V park attendant. An R/V park attendant schedules reservations and performs park maintenance, ultimately ensuring guests are happy and comfortable during their stay.

    For those itching to see more of Alaska’s gorgeous landscape, a driver-guide could be the perfect position. Shuttle eager sightseers to various attractions, narrate driving tours, answer questions about the area and perform basic upkeep on the motor coach. Check out a complete list of all tour driving and transportation job openings to find one that calls to you.

    Think a job in Alaska could be the perfect way to spend a summer? See if one of our available jobs is right for you!