Why Alaska Summer Jobs Are Great For Seniors

One of the most nagging issues senior citizens must face when starting retirement is how to spend their new abundance of free time. While the downtime is often exactly what retirees seek, for many it eventually dissolves into boredom and creates a thirst to do something more productive.

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  • This is precisely why the opportunities provided by Alaska summer jobs are so appealing to seniors. Seasonal jobs in Alaska allow seniors to experience all the wonders the Last Frontier has to offer, while not requiring them to take up residence in the state year-round. For those who planned to spend the winter months of their retirement some place nice and warm, Alaska summer jobs allow this dream to remain intact.

    The state of Alaska is chock full of wilderness lodges and tourist outfits situated in some of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. Working amongst snowcapped mountains, swirling rivers, or calving glaciers will cause anyone to seriously reevaluate their definition of “work”.

    Another very attractive aspect of Alaska summer jobs for seniors is the sense of adventure associated with them. Due to the endless amount of activities tourists pursue in the state, making arrangements and overseeing excursions is never the same from day to day. For those used to working the same desk job with the same daily tasks—this will be quite a departure from the norm.

    Certainly the most challenging aspect of summer employment in Alaska is deciding what to do with your free time. Here are just a few of the most attractive options for seniors:

  • Hiking

    Doctors recommend regular exercise for seniors as a great way to lower the risk of Alzhiemer’s, heart conditions, and other common illnesses. And with the plethora of hiking options Alaska has to offer, it’s impossible to stay on the couch during your time off.

    Alaska has a handful of National Parks that feature trails perfect for novice and experienced hikers alike. Ranger-led walks at Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks are a great way to get a little exercise and learn about the natural history of these breathtaking locales.

  • Fishing

    Alaska is a veritable angler’s paradise. With countless rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds scattered across the landscape, you’re never more than a stone throw from a relaxing day on the water.

    Fly-fishing is a great way to keep your body and mind active on the off days. Consider hiring a guide on the Kenai River for some excellent Dolly Varden and King Salmon fishing.

  • RV-ing

    It’s never too late to become a member of the RV community. A trip up to the Arctic Circle is a must have on anyone’s bucket list, where you can have the surreal experience of 24 hours of direct sunlight in the summer. Be sure to stop by the charming city of Fairbanks along the way, just 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle. While there, make sure to explore its compelling history with the gold rush of 1902.

    Who says retirement has to be boring? For those seniors looking to add some excitement to their golden years, a summer job in Alaska offers the opportunity of a lifetime.