Why Alaska Summer Jobs Are Great for Senior Citizens

You deserve to relish in your hard-earned retirement and the abundance of free time that comes with it. But if your free time dissolves into boredom and creates an unquenchable thirst to do something more exciting and productive, then a seasonal job for senior citizens might be the perfect remedy.

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  • Depending on your personal goals, health and interests, you likely have dozens of local jobs at your disposal. The AARP often publishes great recommendations and resources on its Working At 50+ blog to help you find a good fit in your town. But if your retirement goals also include travel, then a tour or cruise company may be the best place for you to begin your job search.

    Alaska is among the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, especially for seniors. The state is explored by more than 1.93 million people every year, which creates a surplus of summer jobs to help meet demands the tourism influx creates. The wisdom and experience seniors command makes them invaluable seasonal employees during these high-traffic months. Plus, because Alaska is so vast, different locations will need varying skills, allowing you to mix-and-match the type of work you’re looking for with the location you’d like to be in.

    Common Alaska summer jobs for senior citizens include:

    • Accounting Assistant
    • Bartender
    • Barista
    • Cashier
    • Cook
    • Groundskeeper
    • Hotel Front Desk Agent
    • Housekeeper
    • Maintenance Assistant
    • Mechanic
    • Railroad Tour Guide
    • Supervisor
    • Tour Guide


    Another attractive aspect of summer jobs for retirees in Alaska is the sense of adventure associated with the job and location. Tourists pursue an endless amount of activities in the state, so making arrangements and overseeing excursions is never the same from day-to-day. For retirees who are used to a steady, monotonous routine — Alaska will be a worthwhile departure from the norm.

    Plus, for travel aficionados, summer employment in Alaska gives you an abundance of new sights to see and things to do with your free time. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why Alaska is a great place for retirees to get a summer job.


    Easy Hiking Access

    Doctors recommend regular exercise for seniors as a great way to lower the risk of Alzhiemer’s, heart conditions, arthritis, and other common illnesses. And with the plethora of hiking options Alaska has to offer, it’s impossible to stay on the couch during your time off.

    Alaska has plenty of National Parks that feature trails perfect for novice and experienced hikers alike. Ranger-led walks at Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks are a great way to get a little exercise and learn about the natural history of these breathtaking locales. Plus, if you work in Anchorage or Fairbanks, hiking trails are mere minutes from town.


    Salmon Fishing in Alaska

    Alaska is a veritable angler’s paradise. With countless rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds scattered across the landscape, you’re never more than a stone’s throw from a relaxing day on the water. You could work out of Copper River or Kenai Valley to experience Alaska’s world-class fly fishing and catch the famous Chinook salmon.


    Alaska RV Camping

    It’s never too late to become a member of the RV community. A trip up to the Arctic Circle is a must-have on anyone’s bucket list, where you can have the surreal experience of 24 hours of direct sunlight in the summer. An easy way to experience the famous midnight sun is working in Fairbanks, where you’ll get to enjoy the summer weather and outdoor excursions to your heart’s content. Plus, take advantage of the many natural hot springs near Fairbanks to recover from your workweek.


    Alaska Sightseeing Tours

    Do you know the best places to see bears in Alaska or where you can watch the Northern Lights? As a tour guide, you’ll learn the answer to this question and plenty more, all while experiencing the gorgeous landscapes Alaska offers. On your time off, hop on the train and explore the sights, using your tour knowledge to create a self-guided adventure. Or, take advantage of the tour discounts Alaska Tour Jobs offers its employees to relax and enjoy different experiences across the state.


    Learn About Alaskan Art and Culture

    If you love learning about history and local cultures, we recommend you apply for a summer job in Anchorage. The city boasts plenty of museums, including art, culture, science, and nature. We recommend visiting the Anchorage Museum, Oscar Anderson House Museum, Alaska Aviation Museum, and Alaska Museum of Science and Nature.


    Who says retirement has to be boring? For older people who are looking for jobs or retirees who want some excitement to their golden years, a summer job in Alaska offers the opportunity to keep creating precious memories. Browse our job summer job openings to see what experiences await you.