The Best Summer Jobs in Alaska

Looking for an exciting summer job in Alaska? Search no further. Some Alaska summer jobs require years of specific experience or long hours. But these three jobs are high on fun and big on perks.

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  • Driver Guide

    Most people come to Alaska for the scenery, but not all employees get to see magnificent scenery every day. Snagging a job as a driver-guide is one of the easiest ways to see beautiful sights and meet interesting people.

    The role of a driver-guide is to drive motorcoaches while telling stories and answering passengers’ questions along the way. You don’t necessarily need to have a CDL either – we will help you obtain is through a company training course.

  • Cook

    Have kitchen experience? Bring it up north. If you have cooking chops, you can put them to work in places like the Skagway Westmark Hotel, the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge in Cooper Landing, or the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. As a line or prep cook, you can bring your skills to some of our popular Alaska restaurants, serving up all sorts of meals for visitors.

    Whether it’s in a wilderness lodge or a more urban hotel in Anchorage, landing a cooking job in Alaska is a fantastic way to get a real Alaskan experience. In your off hours you can explore the sights that attract the tourists you’ll be serving. But instead of spending money to be in Alaska, you’ll be making money.

  • Guest Services Rep

    If you’re a people person, working a guest services job in our transportation or hotel and lodge department might be the way to spend your summer in Alaska. Answering guest’s questions and assisting them with their needs helps them have the best possible trip. It’s also a great way to make a living while you get to explore Alaska. Are you detail-oriented? Do you have clear communication and work well with customers and management? Guest services jobs may be the answer. They’re available in many beautiful Alaska locations, so you can enjoy the landscape and help guests do the same.

    When looking for a job in Alaska, certain listings will appeal to you more than others, and experience level will be a deciding factor. But the three we’ve listed above offer some of the best opportunities, especially if you haven’t lived or worked in Alaska before.