How to Find A Job In Alaska

Are you thinking about getting a seasonal job with us in Alaska? Each year, we hire new seasonal employees, and we’d love to have you join us. Here’s a little bit about our hiring process and how to navigate our website to make finding a job in Alaska easier.

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  • Know where to start

    Not sure what kind of job is right for you? Read on our blog about the different kinds of positions we offer. You might choose to become a cook, work in guest services, be a driver guide, detail the bus fleet, or ride the rails. Read the testimonials from skilled seasonal workers who chose to take on the adventure of living and working in Alaska for a summer to ten years. Think about whether you’d like to work at a lodge or hotel or in transportation and tours and read about the types of positions that are available. Search by position and location so you can choose the right job for you.

  • Don’t worry about a resume

    All you need to do is fill out our online application form. This is the fastest way to ensure our hiring managers at several locations will see your interests and experience. You can list first, second and third choices for seasonal positions. If the job you want isn’t open, click on the “Email me jobs” button and receive notifications when the positions that match your experience and interests open up. We’ll perform a background check, and Holland America Princess will want to contact your references, so be sure to list those who can discuss your work experience and character.

  • Know the requirements

    The state of Alaska has certain requirements for some of its workers. For instance, people who work with food, including cooks and servers, are required to hold a Food Worker Card, which costs $10 and is valid for three years. You can complete the training and test online. Hoping to drive a tour bus? You’ll need a CDL (commercial driver’s license), but if you don’t already have one in your state, it’s OK. Holland America Princess offers a training course for new drivers that takes about 100 hours, and at the end of it, you’ll have a Class B commercial license with a passenger endorsement. We pay for your housing during the training program, and half the cost of the CDL licensing fee will be reimbursed upon successful contract completion. If you already hold a Class B CDL from another state, you don’t need to apply for one in Alaska unless you plan to move here permanently (you never know).

  • Plan your stay

    Holland America Princess offers dorm-style housing and discount meal programs at many of its locations for a reasonable cost. If you have a recreational vehicle, we also have hookups at several locations. Seasonal employees are eligible for discounts on travel, and we may be able to offer some discounts to family members who’d like to visit during your stay. Plus, we have a range of day-off activities for our workers to choose from, and you can plan out your adventures as well.