Juneau Day Off Guide

If family and friends are heading up to Alaska for their own taste of the 49th state, don’t worry. Entertaining has never been this easy: Juneau does it for you. The great outdoors and this historic city are great perks to having a summer job in Juneau!

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  • Grab a Paddle and Hit the Rivers

    Juneau is only accessible by water or by air, so you’d better believe there are countless kayaking, rafting and canoeing opportunities. Here are a couple of our favorites.

    Douglas Island: Our friends at Alaska Travel Adventures will lend out kayaks if there are any available – it’s a partnership definitely worth keeping. On the water you’ll see salmon jumping, seals swimming, and sometimes whales! Douglas Island is in Auke Bay with Mendenhall Glacier serving as the breathtaking backdrop.

    Mendenhall River:
    Get ready to get wet! The Mendenhall River features Class 4 rapids and it’s a wild ride. Thanks to Alaska Travel Adventures, you can take this tour for free, and even bring some friends along.

  • Endless Entertainment in Juneau

    If family and friends are heading up to Alaska for their own taste of the 49th state, don’t worry. Entertaining has never been this easy: Juneau does it for you. The great outdoors and this historic city are great perks to having a summer job in Juneau!
    “My guests go on all the tours I drive and guide. They get to see Mendenhall Glacier, Glacier Gardens, the Hatchery, the State Capitol and the State Museum, plus hang out with me. It’s a win-win!” –Mikey
    Ride the Mt. Roberts Tramway: Too tuckered out to traverse a mountain? Take the Mt. Roberts Tram to the Mt. Roberts summit, enjoy the outstanding panoramic views, and ride it back down. The ride is free for family and friends as long as you have your corporate pass.
    Go whale watching: If space is available, whale watching trips in the waters surrounding Juneau are free for you and your guests with our special deals and partnerships.
    Ride the zipline: Free for you, “local rates” for your entourage. Float through the treetops of Tongass National Forest for a unique, aerial perspective you are not going to get anywhere else.
    Join a helicopter flightseeing tour: That’s right – flightseeing, not sightseeing. Go where no one has stepped foot before. Helicopter tours will take you up, up and away, often landing on glacial peaks only the most experienced mountaineers will ever reach.

  • Hit the Town on Your Day Off

    Rock Dump Climbing Wall: Grab a couple of co-workers and belay your way to some fun. The Rock Dump is only a couple blocks away from our offices on Mill Street.
    Hangar on the Wharf: Good eats and tasty drinks with a great view to boot. Share a pint with a friend and watch the ships come and go.
    Twisted Fish Company: The freshest fish and the largest wine bar in southern Alaska are at your finger tips. Relax in the outdoor, waterfront seating and count the float planes.
    Tracy’s King Crab Shack: Nominated in both Maxim and Condé Nast Traveler as the best of the best when it comes to King Crab, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. Chances are it’ll become your favorite hot spot.
    Go window shopping: Juneau is a thriving town! Take advantage of its diverse selection of souvenirs and memorabilia.

  • A Fisher’s Dream

    Good halibut fishing is synonymous with Juneau. Load up your tackle box and fill the cooler with ice because once you start you’ll never want to stop.
    “You can also set your own Dungeness crab pots at Fish Creek during low tide and retrieve them a few days later. I’ve caught my legal limit many times every summer!” –Juanita.
    Charter fishing: Several of our local employees have boats, and they enjoy hosting overnight fishing trips for the price of fuel and food. Other charter fishing operations also provide our employees with a discount, so you’re never out of options.
    Dock fishing: The pilings near the salmon hatchery are a local favorite for fishing
    Fish Creek: Only a 10 minute walk from Douglas Highway, Fish Creek is a great place to dip your toes in the water and spend the afternoon with a few friends and lots of fish.

  • Strap on Your Hiking Boots

    Part of Juneau’s appeal is its remote location and endless acres of untouched wilderness. With some of the best hiking in all of Alaska, you’ll be privy to miles upon miles of breathtaking views and fantastic adventures.

    West Glacier Trail: Pack a jacket, because even in the middle of summer you’ll be conquering ice fields and glaciers. This famous hike takes you right up to the Mendenhall Glacier, where you can take pictures of yourself in the glacial ice caves. Not a hike for the faint of heart.
    Mt. Roberts Trail: This trail starts in downtown Juneau and takes you 4 1/2 miles to the summit. Take it easy at the top, grab a bite at the alpine restaurant, and take the Mount Roberts Tram back to town (if so inclined).
    Mt. Juneau Trail: A perfect hike for the more experienced outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll be scrambling up a 3,500 foot elevation change in only 2 miles. Yikes! Keep your eyes peeled for marmots and grouse, and remember to always practice safe hiking.
    Airport Dike Trail: For a more leisurely day-hike experience, cruise the Airport Dike Trail. Only a few miles long, the walk features wildflowers and bird watching, and is doggy-approved.

  • Your Wildlife Checklist

    Juneau is home to all sorts of four-legged friends; winged and flipper’ed ones too! You just need to know where to look.
    Bears roam the valleys and peaks around Mendenhall Glacier.
    Eagles are everywhere during the salmon-spawning season. Snap a couple of pictures down at Fish Creek, where eagles go for their afternoon snack.
    Whale and sea lion sightings are common when you hop on a whale watching adventure, which are often free for HAP employees, space permitting.

  • Take a Breather

    Need a break from the “always outdoors” lifestyle in Juneau? Past employees chime in with a couple low-key free time activities.
    “Karaoke is an all-time favorite! There’s nothing like letting loose with your fellow drivers sing-along style.” –Paloma
    “I love heading to Skagway for a change of scenery. It’s a pretty long trip, so great for a long weekend with friends.” – Juanita
    “HAP is great about giving us the time and space to have some fun. Employee softball games, BBQ’s, movie nights all stem from our home base on Mill Street.” – Jackson

  • Best Bites in Juneau

    Best seafood: Twisted Fish Company
    Best brunch: Sandpiper Cafe
    Best coffee shop: Heritage Coffee Company
    Best pizza and pints: Island Pub