Anchorage Day Off Guide

Fun Things to do in Anchorage Three words: Anchorage is awesome. A modern, major city surrounded by snow-capped mountains, salmon-filled rivers, and some of the best adventures the state has to offer. Our Anchorage employees chime in to make sure you’re making the most of your down time. Get up and get out – Anchorage is waiting.

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  • Ride the Waves

    Six Mile Creek: Looking for a Class V challenge? Get ready for Six Mile Creek, one of Anchorage’s most popular white water rafting destinations. Three canyons, titillating drops, heart-pounding rapids… you might want to stock up on adrenaline before you strap in.

    Kenai River: The Kenai is a little bit closer to Anchorage and you’ll love every hour you get on the water with Class II and whitewater rapids. Get ready to get wet.

    “All Alaskan rivers are great to raft, but the Kenai is special.” – Tom

  • Irresistible Outdoor Adventures

    Anchorage is a hotbed for heart-pounding, unforgettable experiences. Nestled between the coast and Chugach State Park, with a web of rivers and Denali only a car ride away, there is way more than one summer’s worth of living to do here. Guess you’ll just have to come back next year…
    Head to the Mountains
    Winter Creek Trail: Not for those with a fear of heights! With a trailhead in nearby Girdwood, Hand Tram Hike starts as a 45-minute uphill alongside Crow Creek. An old hand tram sits at the top: hop in and pull yourself over freezing, rushing water as it plunges into a gorge below. The hike features a gorgeous setting and hand trams are hard to come by these days – don’t miss it.
    Glen Alps Trailhead: The starting point of an invigorating yet short 1.5 mile hike to the summit of Flattop Mountain. The view of Anchorage and the surrounding countryside can’t be beat, and you’ll be home in time for dinner. Feeling extra adventurous? Camp at the summit overnight to catch an awe-inspiring early-morning sunrise.
    Tony Knowles Coastal Trail: If you’re looking for something a little more leisurely, strolling the Tony Knowles trail is a favorite. Take a break at some of the lookouts and savor the sights: Anchorage’s glinting cityscape, Sleeping Lady looming over the water, moose grazing in Earthquake Park. Walk, jog, ride a bike – it’s a great way to get some fresh air without having to strap on hiking boots.
    McHugh/Rabbit Lakes Trail: Suicide Peaks, with their incredibly morbid name, are a short jaunt southwest into Chugach State Park and offer countless invigorating trails and hikes of varying lengths. McHugh and Rabbit Lakes Trail is about 12 miles round trip – many choose to camp overnight at Rabbit Lake.
    “It was a beautiful afternoon, and when we neared the end of the trail, we reached Rabbit Lake. It was breathtaking. There were still a few ice chunks floating around, despite the temperature being fairly warm at the time. We soaked up the sun and enjoyed our surroundings before heading back down the trail. We decided we would go back to that spot to camp next time.” – Hanni

  • Hook a Big ‘Un

    Want to fit in with true Alaska natives? Bait a hook and head toward the water. You won’t be alone.

    Bird Creek: If you’re an angler, it doesn’t get much better than Bird Creek. Down in Chugach State Park, the creek is surrounded by glorious Alaskan forests and is overflowing with silver, pink and chum salmon.
    Kasilof: Looking for a new, only-in-Alaska experience? Dipnetting on the Kenai River in Kasilof is unforgettable during the salmon run. Pull on your waders, choose your net, and let the fish come to you.
    Fish markets: Not an avid fisher, but still want delicious, fresh seafood? Check out fish markets, like the one on 10th Ave and M Street in the heart of downtown, and reap the bounty of others.

  • Favorite Wildlife Sightings

    In Alaska, wildlife sightings happen everywhere you go – on hikes, strolling through town, in your backyard. But it never gets old: each time is wonderful and special. What memories will you make?
    “Last summer we were going camping near Kenai and while we were stopped to look at an information sign, a brown bear waltzed onto the road and walked around a bit before heading back into the brush. Just a few miles down the road from that incident, we saw a black bear hanging out just a foot off the road eating berries.” – Hanni
    “There was a porcupine in my backyard! I was putting the lawnmower away when I saw it, first time seeing one here outside of the Zoo or the Conservation Center.” – Kortney
    “Moose, bears and caribou are certainly unique to a Floridian, but a breaching humpback whale in Resurrection Bay was a heart-stopping moment.” -Tom

  • Grab a Bite

    In the Morning
    “Coffee is a must in the morning” – Kortney
    Kaladi Brothers Coffee: This mini-coffee chain is an established staple in south-central Alaska, and will quickly become a staple in your daily routine. With a different atmosphere in each café and Alaskan-roasted coffee by the bucket, Kaladi Bros. is there to make sure your Anchorage experience is perfectly caffeinated.
    Snow City Cafe: Great local spot for great local food. Located Downtown
    In the Evening
    Moose’s Tooth: Grab a slice of pepperoni; wash it down with a pint. Repeat as necessary.
    New Sagya City Market: City market shopping feel in a small city. Perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon on the patio with a Kaladi Brothers coffee and a great book.

    Bear Tooth Theater: Unwind with a movie and a drink. Bear Tooth serves brunch, lunch and dinner alongside great flicks and “Growlers,” your own refillable mini-jug of delicious Alaskan brew.
    At Night
    Humpy’s: Chill over a stiff drink and the beats of a new local band every night. Humpy’s is known for its jovial locals and its delicious seafood-twist on the typical pub menu.
    McGinely’s: All you need to know is Thursday night is “Irish night.”

  • Anchorage Cheat Sheet


    • Get a bike. Anchorage is not a city you can get around on foot, and while buses are popular, a bike is even faster.
    • Make friends with a good number of other drivers and staff. You rarely know your schedule in advance, so making a variety of acquaintances means you will always have someone to hang out with – be it hiking, playing sports, catching a movie, or sipping a beer.
    • Flexibility is key. Try as many new things as possible.


    • The mechanical bull at Gaslight Lounge: it’s in my top 3 fun things in Anchorage.
    • Make time for the Guests Services vs. Transportation softball team. It’s a good way to connect with your coworkers and get outside.


    • Take advantage of the employee discounts! Not only do we get a huge discount on company properties, we are privy to complimentary train rides and glacier tours!
    • Tidal Wave Bookstore is the best place for new and used books.


    • Pay attention in May – that’s when the flowers start blooming and Town Square comes to life.
    • Catch an Alaska league baseball game. The teams are made up of college players from the lower-48 and the quality of play is awesome! My favorite game was between the Anchorage Bucs and the Glacier Pilots.
  • As you can see from our employees, this city is an amazing place with plenty to offer anybody. Now all you have to do is find a job in Anchorage and start packing. You can start by checking out all of the full-time and summer jobs available on and apply today!