What Makes an Unforgettable Hotel Worker

A bike is a great way to travel around Alaska’s cities – there are plenty of fantastic bike trails throughout Alaska – and it’s a great way to get around short distances in your summer home. Check your airline’s requirements for packing and shipping your bike, or bring it along on the ferry from Washington state.

  • A sense of adventure

    Guests of our hotels and lodges are looking for an experience of a lifetime. With so many things to do, they may be seeking recommendations. If you have a sense of adventure, you’ll likely take some of the very tours and day trips that our guests may be interested in, whether it’s zip lining through Denali, visiting sled dogs in Yukon or another exciting excursion. As one of your benefits of working for us, you will receive discounts on local tours, allowing you to discover the beauty and excitement of Alaska – after all, that’s why you’ve chosen your own summer adventure here! Getting to know what we have to offer our guests will help you give great answers if they ask you which tour you like best.

    A friendly face

    If you read the comments on travel sites like Trip Advisor, Expedia and other reservation sites, you’ll see that the reviews are often largely about customer service. Even if things don’t go perfectly for a guest, if someone offers genuine, thoughtful assistance, it can make the difference between a positive or negative review. While those good reviews are important, it’s most important that our guests enjoy their stay with us. Even if you don’t have all the answers, a willingness to help someone is extremely valuable. Remember that a visit to Alaska is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our guests, and you have the ability to help them go home with a great memory of their experience.


    Summer jobs at our hotels and lodges are high-energy, fast-paced positions. You’ll be working 5 to 6 days per week, 8 to 10 hours daily. Alaska has a daily overtime law, so you’ll get paid time and a half when you work more than 8 hours. Whatever your job, whether it’s the front desk, tour desk, gift shop, housekeeping, maintenance or a position in our restaurants, we’re seeking top employees who can show enthusiasm and energy throughout the day. That ensures excellent service for our guests, who we know you’ll love interacting with.

    A great work ethic

    It doesn’t always matter whether you have experience or training in certain areas. What does matter is having a great work ethic and other “soft skills.” Workers with soft skills are excellent communicators, have adaptability and the ability to solve problems (or to seek out the right people to help solve a problem), and can work well on a team. You will be working with people from many different places, and with people of various ages and experiences. Possessing these skills can be more valuable than having a resume with years of experience. Additionally, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line are proud of having workplaces free of drugs, violence, hostility and discrimination. We want to work with people who make others comfortable, who other workers will get along with, and who our visitors will enjoy.

    If you think you have what it takes, browse our jobs today! If you’re an unforgettable worker, why not get ready for an unforgettable experience this summer?