20 Reasons Why It’s Cool to Work in Alaska

Still waiting to answer the call of the wild? You should consider an Alaska summer job. While there are millions of reasons why Alaska’s the coolest place to work in the world, we’ve narrowed them down to the top 20. From whale watching to gold panning, there’s something for everyone in the 49th state. Be warned though: after reading this list, you won’t be able to get up to Alaska fast enough!

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  • rocks over the water at sunset

    1. Midnight Sun

    Ever lament the fact that you don’t have enough daylight when you get off work? You’ll never have that worry in Alaska, where during the summer some places have sunlight 24 hours a day due to the northern latitudes.

  • fisherman holding a halibut

    2. A Fisherman’s Paradise

    Alaska offers the best fishing, bar none, in the United States. There are enough angling opportunities to make your head, and your reel, spin.

  • close up of a moose

    3. Moose Gazing

    You know you’re in Alaska when you have to stop your car for a moose crossing on your morning commute. These majestic creatures can be seen all over the Alaskan wilderness.

  • two float planes flying over the water at sunset

    4. Float Planing

    Got a weekend off? Explore the most remote reaches of Alaska with an exhilarating float plane experience.

  • Trans Alaska Pipeline

    5. Pipeline-low taxes

    Due to the revenue the state government gets every year from the oil pipeline, Alaska has the least taxes of any state in America.

  • two people in a double kayak in the water next to a glacier

    6. World Class Kayaking

    Ever kayaked in the shadow of a glacier? We didn’t think so. Alaska offers kayaking opportunities that bring out the adventurer in all of us.

  • humpback whale jumping out of the water

    7. Behemoth Whales

    Trust us, watching an 80,000 pound mammal jump out of the water as if it’s weightless gets old.

  • cook reindeer filet on a table with vegetables and a glass of wine

    8. Delicious Reindeer?

    Expand your palate by sampling some of Alaska’s delicious local cuisine. Remember: you can’t say you’ve experienced Alaska until you’ve tasted Reindeer steak!

  • Woman looking at mountain range and glacier

    9. National Parks Galore!

    If you love National Parks, Alaska is for you. Alaska has eight National Parks; three more than the entire East Coast of the United States!

  • RV driving down the highway with mountains in the background

    10. Road Trippin’

    There’s no place on earth more apt for a road trip. Load up the RV and take a ride amongst the stunning scenery along Alaska’s famous highways.

  • purple and green northern lights

    11. Northern Lights

    Photos don’t do justice to the visual splendor provided by the Northern Lights. Spend one evening under Aurora and you’ll never think a fireworks show is cool again.

  • hand holding a gold nugget over a pan

    12. Gold Rush!

    “There’s gold in them hills.” Start the next great Alaskan gold rush by panning for the gold in one of the beautiful stream beds.

  • Anchorage skyline at night

    13. Anchorage Nightlife

    The biggest city in Alaska offers all the allures of an urban lifestyle while sacrificing nothing in terms of natural beauty.

  • glasses of beer under taps in a brewery

    14. Alaskan Breweries

    Alaska is known for some amazing breweries. Take a tour of the Alaskan Brewing Co. and taste delicious Alaskan Ales.

  • woman hiking along a river

    15. Take a Hike!

    Alaska’s plethora of hiking opportunities are too numerous to count. Find your own trail and discover a favorite vantage point!

  • six people in a raft on a river

    16. White Water Rafting

    Thrill seekers will be pleased to know of the amazing white water rafting experiences available in Alaska. Plenty of Class V rapids await the seasoned rafting veterans.

  • reindeer walking through the forest

    17. World Class Hunting

    In Alaska, big-game enthusiasts love spending their days off searching for that elusive ten-point buck.

  • cooked crab on a plate with sides

    18. Eat Crab Like a King

    Find out why those fishermen go to such lengths on The Deadliest Catch. Alaska has the freshest King Crab anywhere in the world.

  • Native American Clan House and Totems

    19. Rich Cultural History

    Alaska is the homeland of many Native American cultures. From the totem weilding Haidas to the frigid Eskimos, the influence of these native cultures is still present to this day.

  • Bear about to catch salmon in mouth

    20. Take it all in

    In Alaska, you never know what amazing natural scene lies just around the corner. Get out there and observe- you never know what you’ll catch!

  • Alaska – Land of the Incredible, the Wild, and the Fearless Adventurer. Start your next great journey with an amazing summer job in Alaska (you can apply online!). But be warned- once you get here, you won’t want to leave!