Seasonal Jobs That Don’t Require Constant Travel

Many people assume seasonal jobs in Alaska require constant trekking. This is simply not the case. Some of us love to be turtles, carrying a few belongings on our backs, but there’s also nothing wrong with the stability that comes from working in a central location. Let’s take a quick look at seasonal jobs in Alaska that don’t require constant travel.

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  • Hotel and Lodge Jobs

    Most seasonal jobs in Alaska take place during the state’s vibrant tourist season. Well, every tourist visiting Alaska has to stay somewhere, right? This is why hotel and lodge jobs serve as great employment opportunities for those that prefer spending time in one spot.

    But what will you do in these hotels and lodges? Workers are almost always needed in such areas as food service, guest service, house keeping, hospitality, maintenance, and retail. While some may prefer a hotel or lodge job in a major Alaskan city, remote locations are also available for the more adventurous at heart.

  • Transportation Services Jobs

    Many Alaskan visitors enjoy viewing the state’s vast terrain by means of bus and train tours. Transportation services jobs serve as an excellent option for a more permanent seasonal employment opportunity. These jobs can take several forms, including maintenance technicians, bus drivers, servers, chefs, guest service representatives, directors, and support staff. Bus and train tours typically operate out of one central location. This means that while individual buses or trains may travel, employees remain based in one given city.

  • Tour Guide Jobs

    One of the greatest things about Alaska is the vast array of travel experiences that tourists can choose from. They can make arrangements to view glaciers, watch whales, enjoy salmon bakes, photograph bears, catch fish, and take in museums or historic sites. These arrangements usually recruit the assistance of tour guides; and tour guide jobs are plentiful during Alaska’s tourist season.

  • Like most seasonal jobs in Alaska, there are a great variety of tour guide opportunities.  Have a knack for history or culture? Are you one heck of a fly-fisherman?  Do you enjoy kayaking in icy waters? An affirmative response to any of these questions likely means that you’re ready for a tour guide opportunity. If the right question wasn’t asked, don’t worry. Alaska is an unbridled playground with a host of unique experiences and adventures. If you’re crafty in one specialized area, there is probably a tour guide job waiting for you.

    Traveling can be great, but sometimes a seasonal job that doesn’t require constant motion is just what you need. These opportunities allow workers to build meaningful and lasting relationships with co-workers and residents. They provide for a greater sense of permanence and stability. They allow workers to become locals for a given season. They also offer the chance for workers to gain specialized experience in one area of interest. Give a central location a chance, and choose a non-traveling seasonal job that is right for you.