5 Advantages of a Seasonal Job

Slogging through the 9-5 workday drudge isn’t for everybody. Sometimes being cooped up in an office five days a week for years on end saps away at your happiness, and you need fresh air and new adventures to recharge. If this outlook sounds like you, then taking a seasonal job in Alaska might be the best choice you’ll make all year.

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  • Seasonal jobs are often associated with traditional retailers, restaurants and coffee shops. But seasonal employment is booming is the travel industry, especially for tour guide companies and tourist-friendly travel lodges. Seasonal jobs in Alaska also have other benefits. We’ll explore five of them in this post. 

    Seasonal Jobs Build Your Résumé

    Résumé building is a mixture of luck and perseverance. Seasonal jobs tighten gaps in your résumé and show additional job experience, which can be an immense help for college students or people in a transitory employment phase. As a bonus, seasonal employment in a fantastical place like Alaska bolsters your credibility to work in outdoor-related industries, such as a tour guide, outdoors treatment program, and wilderness guide. 

    Bolstering your résumé with seasonal work is also an excellent way to improve your chances of getting full-time employment with a big-name company in the industry — or even your seasonal employer.  

    Last, seasonal employment shows you’re a hard worker who is willing to try new things and someone who isn’t content loafing around waiting for the next best thing to come along.

    Entry Level Opportunities

    As we mentioned earlier, seasonal employment is a great way to break into a company you’d like to work for. Seasonal employers often pay attention to the most valuable seasonal workers and offer them full-time positions when a new job opening becomes available. All you need to do is get your foot in the door, prove yourself to be a hard worker, and mention your interest for full-time employment to your manager. 


    Seasonal employment with tour companies or the outdoors industry creates endless opportunities for travel. Imagine traveling around the world knowing you’ll have a job waiting for you in every destination you stop at. If you choose a seasonal job, that could be your life. There are so many countries to explore. Plus, if you want to bolster your résumé you can learn new languages and become a citizen of the world by applying for employment in far-off locales.

    The Great Outdoors

    If you want to apply for one of our seasonal jobs in Alaska, you’re providing yourself with a unique opportunity to enjoy nature while you work. Get out from behind your desk or classroom and soak up the glorious sun while earning a paycheck as a seasonal employee. 


    You could be the person who types TPS reports into the computer for the rest of your life. Or you could be a chef on a train this summer, a fruit picker in the fall and a ski instructor in the winter. If you choose a seasonal job, you don’t have to make a long term commitment to any job you don’t love. And you may surprise yourself by finding an unconventional career path of your very own.

    Start leading an adventurous life by breaking free from the tyranny of the cube. Make your own way with a summer job in Alaska or anywhere your dreams take you.

    Apply for one of our seasonal jobs and discover what road less traveled by you’ll follow.