4 Kinds of Alaskan Food Local Chefs Learn to Cook

Alaska is home to dozens of delicacies, including Chinook salmon, wild berries, moose, reindeer, and yak. Alaska’s bountiful array of local food sources create unique opportunities for chefs to expand their culinary expertise.

  • Whether you choose to work in the kitchen at a Princess Wilderness Lodge or a Fairbanks restaurant, Alaska is among the best places to learn the ins-and-outs of chef work. Here are four popular foods and dishes you’ll learn to cook while working as a chef in Alaska.


    Reindeer Burger, Steak, and Sausage

    After you get your Alaska food handlers card, reindeer meat is among the more unusual foods you’ll begin working with. Reindeer meat is healthier and leaner than beef or pork, yet equally versatile. Most Alaskan reindeer are free-range and grass-fed, making the animals a popular option for diners who prefer more natural meat. The critter is often used for burgers, steak, or even sausage.  


    Grilled, Baked, Smoked, Fried, and Chowdered Salmon

    Salmon and Alaska go hand-and-fin. The enormous Chinook salmon is among the most popular meals in Alaskan restaurants, and any Alaskan chef learns how to cook these fish in many ways. As with any fish, grilled, smoked, seared and filleted are the most popular ways to cook salmon with Alaskan cuisine. However, Manhattan and New England chowder, fish and chips, and multiple chilis are also popular meals in Alaska, which all use salmon for the main ingredient.  


    Steamed and Stuffed Crab Legs

    Alaskan King Crab sits on the crab kingdom throne for good reasons. A single crab can be larger than five-feet across and feed an entire group of dinner guests. The crab is often steamed, baked, tossed into salads, or stuffed into other fish like halibut. Chefs who can properly prepare Alaskan King Crab are often welcome at any seafood restaurant. 


    Wildberry Cobbler

    Alaska is home to blackberries, blueberries, moss berries, salmonberries, and strawberries, which present the opportunity to prepare delicious meat-free salads, muffins, ice cream and pies. Wildberry cobbler is a tricky dessert to prepare but among the most popular dessert choices for locals and tourists alike. As an Alaskan chef, this dessert will quickly become one of your staple dishes. 


    If you’d like to hone your Alaskan food recipes and cooking skills, then consider working in Alaska. We have seasonal and full-time employment opportunities for food prep cooks, line cooks, sous chefs, and head chefs. Explore our current job openings, apply for a job and get ready to expand your culinary expertise.