6 Juneau Transportation Jobs That will Recharge Your Batteries

Tired of the typical nine-to-five grind? Need a change of scenery? Like, maybe, Alaskan glaciers, mountains and coastline? A transportation job in Juneau, Alaska, is the perfect way to escape the stressful rat race. and zip line tours. And that’s not even counting the biking, hiking and camping you can do without a guide.

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  • The third largest city in Alaska, Juneau is famously scenic, nestled between the 1,500-square-mile Juneau Icefield and the Gastineau Channel, where orcas swim and eagles soar. The city is surrounded by national parks, national forest and preserves, filled with mountains, rivers and forests for adventuring. Think: glacier flightseeing tours, mountain tram rides, rafting and kayaking, fishing

    Juneau is only accessible by boat or plane, so it’s the ideal place to get a job in tourism that’s out of the ordinary—one that might just feel more like vacation than work. Here are six jobs that will breathe new life back into you.

  • Sales Desk Representative
    What’s more fun to sell than people’s dream vacations? If you’d rather be peddling glacier tours than insurance, or rafting trips instead of widgets you care nothing about, a sales job in Juneau tourism might just be the breath of fresh air you need.

  • CDL Driver-Guide
    What better way to see the area and learn its natural history than to get a job as a driver-guide? You’ll narrate tours of the area, sharing its beauty with visitors while driving them from tour stop to tour stop. You can even get your CDL certification through a company training course. If you’re a “people person,” this is a great job for stepping out from behind the desk and into Juneau’s gorgeous scenery.

  • Tour Desk Representative
    If you’re a customer service whiz, your skills would perfectly suit a guest service job in Juneau. Managing reservations, customer questions and guest accommodations is much more fun when the Alaskan wilds are your backyard and your customers are on the vacation of their dreams.

  • Dock Representative
    When people dock in Juneau for vacation, they’re psyched for sightseeing and wildlife watching. Dock representatives in our Transportation Guest Service division are excited vacationers’ first point of contact off their cruise ship. Steering them where they need to go and keeping them excited about what awaits makes a dock representative job a fun way to spend a season in Juneau.

  • Operations Supervisor
    Are you highly organized? Have experience in dispatch, training or fleet operations? Supervising a transportation services team in Juneau would have you performing driver and dispatch duties and helping with scheduling and operations. What more beautiful place to put your skills to work?

  • Fleet Detail Crew
    It doesn’t necessarily take a high level of experience to snag a transportation job in Juneau. For example, an entry-level fleet detail position revolves around refueling and cleaning fleet vehicles. If you dream of escaping the grind of your current job, but don’t have travel or management experience, a transportation maintenance job is the perfect way to break into a job in Juneau.

  • If you’d love to escape the blah work world as you know it, scope out the jobs at You might find a transportation job in Juneau that will feel more like a restorative working vacation than the mundane job you’ve been dreaming of leaving behind.