What’s It Like To Work On An Alaska Tour Train?

Traveling on luxury glass-domed railcars as they chug through pristine mountain scenery doesn’t just happen in the movies. It’s a way of life for the people who snag jobs on board Alaska Rail Tour cars.

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  • Dome or observation cars give passengers maximum views of passing nature, with bigger windows, some completely domed in glass. It’s like being totally immersed in the vast, Alaska wilderness as it passes. Each car also has a dining room, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner made to order. And each car has opportunities for employment.

    All sorts of onboard employees work together to make visitors’ experience exceptional, and they do it all while on the move from one beautiful Alaska location to another. Think waking up in Anchorage and clocking out in Fairbanks. Plus, with all the different onboard positions, there’s a spot for all personality types. Here are seven types of jobs you will find onboard a tour train and how they keep the train running smoothly.

  • Tour Guide

    History and nature buffs, apply here. Tour guides organize and assemble people for activities and provide information and narrative about history, culture, sights and events revolving around the places the train passes through.

  • Steward

    This is one of the train’s under-the-radar employees. While others are interacting with customers, a steward is in the background, making sure that everything else on board is running smoothly: climate controls, audio systems and generator systems. The steward is the on-train troubleshooter.

  • Manager

    The manager pulls everything together—both service and mechanics. Overseeing all crew members and monitoring mechanical operations while en route, the manager does it all. Whether it’s assisting a customer in the bar or correcting a mechanical problem, the manager takes the reigns.

  • Bartender

    What’s more swank than shaking up cocktails while riding the rails through Alaska’s most stunning scenery? A bartender on an Alaska Rail Tour shakes, stirs, cracks open and pours to the customers’ content, all the while presenting the tour of the passing scenery.

  • Dishwasher

    Another behind-the-scenes job, washing dishes might be one of the easiest ways to snatch a job on an Alaska Rail Tour train. Helping with entry-level cleaning, food storage and kitchen tasks, the dishwasher also assists with food prep.

  • Cook

    The on-board culinary wizards, both prep and line cooks work together to prepare customers’ meals while they’re on the train. Monitoring inventory, prepping food, controlling portions and cleaning the kitchen are all in a day’s work—even when on the move.

  • Server

    Keeping customers comfy is part of the Alaska train experience. Taking their food and beverage orders and making sure they get exactly what they want assures that their experience is nothing short of stellar as they cruise through one vista after another.

  • An Alaska rail tour requires all sorts of people with a wide variety of skills to keep running smoothly, so, naturally, there’s a wide variety of jobs available. Whether you’re an enthusiastic people person, a mechanically minded handy person or a culinary whiz, there’s a spot for you on the train. You can check out available jobs here.