10 Seasonal Jobs in Denali National Park

Every year, more than 400,000 people visit the majestic beauty of Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali towers over the vibrant Alaskan landscape at 20,310 feet above sea level, making it the tallest peak in North America and an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

  • If you’d like to spend the summer exploring Denali and witness the rare animals and plants that call the mountain home, you should consider taking a summer job in the park. 

    There are dozens of different Denali National Park jobs, including tour guides, drivers, and seasonal positions at Denali hotels. In this post, we’ll highlight 10 job types at our two Denali hotels, Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge and McKinley Chalet Resort. These positions are representative of common seasonal jobs in Denali, regardless of employer. 


    Our premiere Denali hotel is the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, which is located on George Parks Highway near the entrance to Denali National Park. The full-service lodge is briefly home to thousands of guests each year, and our seasonal staff empowers guests to make lifelong memories

    Here are a few common seasonal jobs at the Princess Wilderness Lodge. The list is not exhaustive, so explore our current job openings if you’d like to discover your other options. 



    As a groundskeeper, you ensure our lodge looks pristine and welcoming for guests and employees alike. Your responsibilities include cleaning public areas with various cleaning equipment, tending to a variety of entry-level housekeeping tasks, delivering supplies, identifying maintenance issues, and responding to guest and management questions. This is a great role for anyone who enjoys being outside completing different tasks to spice up the day. 



    In Denali, the early bird gets the best chances to see bears, moose and more. Plus, sunrise photos of the mountain are otherworldly. That’s why our guests love their coffee and breakfast confections. As a barista, you’ll brew decadent batches of coffee for customers and operate the cash register. 



    Line cooks, prep cooks, assistant head chefs and more await you in the Princess Wilderness Lodge kitchen. Cook scrumptious meals for guests and coworkers while learning to prepare some of Alaska’s most iconic meals, including Chinook salmon, yak, king crab, and moose. 



    Lodge cashiers are the glue who hold other customer-facing services together. Whether you’re completing orders at the restaurant, working the coffee bar, or signing up guests for tours, as a cashier you’ll be playing a crucial role for our guests. 


    Maintenance Assistant

    Little is more unpleasant than a cold shower in the chilly Denali mornings! The lodge maintenance staff keeps the facilities healthy and operational, which keeps our guests and staff happy. As a maintenance assistant, you’ll perform a variety of entry-level maintenance tasks, including unscheduled repairs and inspections.


    McKinley Chalet Resort

    In 2014, we acquired the McKinley Chalet Resort, which is also located on George Parks Highway near the entrance to Denali National Park. The resort was recently renovated and has quickly become a popular location for many of Denali’s visitors. The jobs we’ll highlight below are similar to the roles available at the Princess Wilderness Lodge and much of Denali. 



    As a baker in Alaska, you’ll get to expand your repertoire of baking recipes and techniques with fresh-picked herbs, spices and fruits. Alaska is home to wild blackberries, blueberries, moss berries, salmonberries, and strawberries, which are often baked into tasty muffins, pies and cakes. 


    Guest Service Representative

    A friendly smile and warm welcome can ease away the stresses of a long travel day, which is why our guest service representatives are often among the first people a guest encounters when they walk into a hotel. As a guest service representative, you’ll help guests make reservations and check-in to their rooms. 



    Plopping down on a freshly made bed with crisp sheets is an excellent way to wind down a travel day. Our cleaning staff lets this dream become a reality. As a housekeeper, you’ll routinely clean guest rooms and public areas with cleaning equipment, identify maintenance concerns, and keep the supply closets stocked. 


    Denali Transportation Jobs

    Working in Denali park hotels is only one way to explore Alaska as a seasonal employee. If you’re looking for a more fast-paced and exciting work environment, then you should consider applying for a transportation job in Denali. You’ll spend time spotting bears, moose and eagles, walking on glaciers, and exploring the Alaskan wild and taking advantage of Alaska’s extended summer daylight. 


    Transportation Representative

    Group tours can get messy, which is why transportation representatives help our tour guides keep tours safe and on schedule. The representatives handle an array of customer service tasks, including helping passengers throughout the tours, answering questions about Denali and the local wildlife, and providing directions to guests and drivers alike. 


    Fleet Detailer

    Denali is massive and traveling by car or motorcoach is the most common way to explore the park. Our fleet detailers ensure the tour buses we use are operating at tip-top shape. They’ll perform a variety of entry-level maintenance tasks, keep the vehicles clean, and top off the motorcoach with fuel before a tour.


    Alaska has endless opportunities for people who want to seize the moment and explore this beautiful state. Whatever work you do in Denali, by applying for one of our seasonal jobs you’re beginning an experience you’ll never forget.