Why a Job at The Westmark Inn Skagway Will Blow your Mind

Over a century ago, Skagway was the starting place for more than 40,000 frenzied GoldRush enthusiasts. Today, you can easily grab your own golden nugget with a job at Skagway’s Westmark Inn. Actually, it’s more of a once in a lifetime opportunity than a job, and here’s why.

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  • Fun and Adventure Await

    Skagway itself is a colorful and popular Alaska town with a charming personality. In the summer tourist season, the town is abuzz with more than 900,000 visitors and more than 400 cruise ships. One huge reason for this influx of guests is because Skagway is a plentiful source of fun and adventure.


    The town of Skagway features a lively blend of historic shops and restaurants, wooden sidewalks, and locals in period costumes. The town offers fascinating walking tours and excellent hiking trails that venture past alpine lakes and waterfalls. Skagway also serves as a starting point for the popular Chilkoot Trail backpacking journey.


    There’s also the historic White Pass & Yukon Route railroad, which provides tours to the top of the mountain pass just north of Skagway. Travelers are treated to spectacular views of the Glacier Gorge, Dead Horse Gulch and Bridal Veil Falls.


  • Get to Know Strangers (and like it!)

    Most jobs in Alaska provide an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know new and fascinating people. These people may start as strangers, but can soon become close friends. A job at the Westmark Inn Skagway provides the opportunity to build relationships that last a lifetime.


    With nearly 1 million people present in the summer, you’re sure to find someone to connect with. Plus, when tourist season fades, Skagway’s population slowly softens to just around 1,000 residents. Now you’re not just befriending random people, but true Alaskans!


  • The Inside Passage

    Skagway lies almost at the start of Alaska’s Inside Passage. For a local employee of Skagway’s Westmark Inn, this means enormous opportunities to discover the magic that this region provides. Alaska’s Inside Passage houses wildlife-filled fjords and spectacular island scenery. The area serves as prime habitat for bald eagles, sea lions, otters and whales.


  • A Unique Learning Opportunity

    A job at Skagway’s Westmark Inn provides an amazing opportunity to learn a new and distinct skill set. The hotel industry provides opportunities in the areas of food service, guest service, housekeeping, hospitality, maintenance, and retail.


    Unlike many Alaska job opportunities, employment with Skagway’s Westmark Inn means no need for constant travel. Employees will experience the many benefits of working in a beautiful, energized and diverse location while also enjoying a sense of home and permanence. This easily translates into a rare opportunity to discover and learn about yourself.

  • Mind blowing opportunities and experiences currently lie in Skagway. They lie right where the Gold Rush stampeders left off. The Westmark Inn stands as your next destination for a journey of a lifetime. It stands as your next destination for fun and adventure.