Why a Summer Job at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is Good for Your Heart

Let’s kick things off with a simple quiz.  What do breath-taking hikes, laughing with friends and flight-seeing (yes, flight-seeing) all have in common?  If you’re short on an answer, a quick hint is that all three inspire, make us smile and exhilarate.

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  • Yes, all three activities are heart-healthy!  They improve our health and our outlook on life.  As chance may have it, all three can be done in the beautiful setting encompassing Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge.  Choose a summer job at the lodge and your heart will definitely thank you.

  • Healthy Activities Await

    Summer employment opportunities at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge abound.  The hotel provides job opportunities in the areas of: food service, guest service, house keeping, hospitality, maintenance, and retail.  All of these positions keep employees active, and healthy, all day long.  But, there’s more.


    The entrance to Denali National Park is only one mile away from the front door of the lodge.  Denali encompasses over six million acres of almost indescribable scenery, and it’s the home of Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest peak.  These two facts alone mean that a summer job at the lodge provides employees with immediate access to one of the world’s most inspiring, motivating and heart-racing playgrounds.


    If your heart requires further conditioning than an active summer job, then simply enjoy your days off by visiting Denali.  Healthy activities at all levels of exertion readily wait, including hiking, cycling, backpacking and rock climbing.


  • Heart-Healthy Social Ties

    There is no denying that friendships provide laughter and comfort.  Friends also help motivate, boost a person’s self confidence and they even improve a person’s outlook on life.  All of this means that friends are heart-healthy.  They help increase our mental and physical well-being and reduce stress.


    Now, consider that over 4,000 seasonal employees work in the area of Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge and Denali National Park.  In the summer, Denali enjoys 7,000 visitors every single day.  Translation?  With such an influx of people, odds are that a summer job at the lodge will equate to the formation of a lasting friendship (or two or three) with plenty of smiles and laughs to make your heart feel good.


  • Uniquely Denali

    Denali National Park is roughly the size of Massachusetts.  A stunning array of wildlife such as moose, caribou, sheep and grizzly bears, call Denali their home.  The park is truly unique in terms of its beauty, size and sense of majesty.


    The park is also unique in terms of the abundance of heart-racing activities that it provides.  Consider, for example, the following:

    • Mountaineering: Climbers from across the globe visit Denali to test the limits of their mountaineering and wilderness survival skills.  Climbers can bask in delight from the high altitude challenges of Mt. McKinley to the vertical rock walls in Ruth Gorge.
    • River Rafting: One of Alaska’s most prized whitewater rafting destinations is the Nenana River.  Denali affords travelers the exhilarating chance to experience the whitewater of Nenana Gorge, with amazing rapids and scenery providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    • Flight-seeing:  One of the most dramatic (and heart-pounding) ways to experience Denali is from the window of a small aircraft.  Flight-seeing Denali takes adventurists over foothills, along glaciers, and up the peaks of the Alaska Range.  Simply hop in a plane and feel your pulse soar!

    If Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge were a food item on a menu, there would be a gigantic red heart right next to its description.  The hotel provides summer employment opportunities in Alaska that are tailor made for a heart-healthy lifestyle.  Choose the lodge for your Alaskan summer employment adventure, and your heart will say “thank you”!  Browse available jobs today.