4 Fun Alaska Jobs for College Students

If you’re in college and want to spend the summer adventuring (but need to make money) working in Alaska might be the perfect solution for you! Here are 4 jobs we recommend you consider.

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  • What better way to spend the summer than traveling? It’s a dream shared by many college students. But if you’re also one of the many college students who need to earn money this summer, the trip of a lifetime might seem like it’s not an option.

    In Alaska, you can do both! A summer job in Alaska is a destination and a paycheck. Many of the seasonal positions here teach real-life skills, offer opportunities to meet new people, and provide quite an adventure along the way!

    Motor Coach Maintenance

    If you’re interested in working with your hands and learning about machinery, transportation maintenance is the job for you! In this role, you’ll be working on trains that run all over the state, making sure they’re in working condition and learning about mechanical and electrical principles from seasoned mechanics.

    Logistics Clerk

    If you think you might have a future in clerical or accounting work, you might want to get your start in Alaska as a Logistics Clerk. You’ll develop exactly the kind of skills future employers are looking for: prioritizing work, meeting deadlines, maintaining an attention to detail, and working in a team or group environment. And your weekends are free for exploring!


    If you’re all about taking the scenic route, this is the job for you. As a Driver-Guide for one of our lodges, your responsibilities would include picking up guests and transporting them to and from the lodge. Along the way, you’ll be pointing out features of the landscape and generally just telling folks all about whatever you think makes Alaska great! This is a great role for a good driver with infectious enthusiasm.

    Railway Bartender

    Are you drawn to things that are a little old-fashioned? Do you know how to make a delicious Old Fashioned (the cocktail)? If yes and yes, you’ll be a great fit as a railway bartender! There’s a special nostalgic magic to trains, especially when you’re tending bar. The tips are as good as the conversations, and you’ll have plenty of stories of your own after a summer riding the rails.

    If you’re still wondering if a summer job in Alaska is right for you, here are a few words from Rick. Rick started out as a server, and now he’s working as a bartender in the Fairbanks Princess Lodge.

    “Why did I leave the lower 48? Why do I keep returning to Alaska? These are the questions my friends and family ask continually. The short answer is I came here for adventure, a summer job, to explore a different part of our great country and a change in life.

    Coming here was quite an experience, and I would do it all over again. My job with Princess that first year was as a fine dining server. It was very impressing to work with all my new friends there in the Copper Valley. The housing and employee meals provided made the transition from a house in NY to a summer in Alaska really easy.

    I did explore that summer, driving 18,000 miles around Alaska and back to the lower 48; the memories will remain for a long time. One word about the season here in Alaska – awesome!”